The duel quality of content by increasing the website weight


today, website optimization industry plagiarism is very serious, soft overflows everywhere, it is quite necessary to improve the content of value! Because only the rich will dry cargo to visit left a deep impression, in order to attract everyone to read, and visit your site. You can think of, in addition to the release of the text information, there are no pictures, documents, forms can share? In a word, the types of information and the higher the quality the better the rich.

to note that is not to say that the content of the original value is high, if not meet the first step above said (user needs), then you are no more original articles of words meaning, and it is likely to be judged as search engine spam, the website ranking nature has no value.

hypothesis to send an article about how to optimize the long tail word of the article, I will first analysis: the needs of Shanghai dragon basically is a novice, do not have much experience, even on what is the long tail word estimation still do not understand. So, at the beginning it is necessary to tell them that the long tail word is what meaning? Then, Jones will introduce some knowledge of the optimization of the long tail word. Finally, the novice to mining the long tail word certainly need help, Shanghai Longfeng Jones will provide some useful keyword mining tools for everyone. Through these analysis, I believe that the content will be released in accordance with the needs of users.

Shanghai dragon Jones optimization "Beijing Shanghai dragon" this keyword only more than a month, because rarely do the chain, so I deeply feel the importance of content quality and user experience of the website rankings, today to share (though after the dry cargo to rise too fast because the new term to enter the examination, but the direction is right, for the keywords of Beijing Shanghai dragon ranking, Jones said: use a terminator in I Will Be Back

Two, improve the content of the value of

rapid and stable home let everyone in Shanghai dragon dream, but the waiting stage often very long, even far away! We have experienced or are experiencing this torture.

you should think carefully, this article I solve the visitors what needs? There is no good to meet? What can dig

is designed to meet the needs of visitors, an article in the chain construction should also focus on this, if other articles you can well meet the needs of visitors, the chain is necessary; if your inner chain for visitors to meet the needs of the current without any help, it is of no value the. The number of articles within the chain, Shanghai dragon Jones is generally placed on 1-2, is of great value to visitors, and through color reminder.

, a thorough analysis of visitor demand

three, control the quality and quantity of

?Shanghai Longfeng Jones Before the ) Oh! Keywords

note: the best in the chain do not point to the home page, this approach more easily by search engines.

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