Eight points of the mobile terminal site of Shanghai dragon note

6, remove the extra blank lines, whitespace and comments "code;

2, CSSSprites


site structure recommended tree >

server two,

today Hangzhou Shanghai dragon small Su finishing a day on the mobile Internet optimization, there are many small and medium enterprises have gradually realized the importance of mobile Internet, and actively launched a mobile web site. Shanghai dragon forum from eight aspects to do a detailed analysis of what factors affecting mobile website optimization:

Gziip compression of all possible file type, file size is reduced, increasing the simple methods of user experience, it can reduce the size of about 70% of the response.

3, open the Gziip compression

of small and medium-sized enterprises in the selection of the server, be sure to choose the regular space service providers, and avoid spam sites shared a large number of IP, a site of a server IP, so as to ensure the smooth and stability of website access.

, a domain name

to JPG, GIF format images into PNG format, to make use of png8.

5, optimize the size of

JavaScript and CSS package, as an external file, the source code of "reduce the volume.

and PC website, the domain name as short as possible. A good mobile website domain name, not only to make people easy to remember, easy to enter, but also convenient for the user to recommend to others. Short domain name is easier to make users more intuitive understanding of the theme of the website. Such as: Shanghai dragon love search optimization Shanghai dragon.Ee, Shanghai dragon is relatively short note.

1, with the file

merge is by putting all the script in a file to reduce the HTTP request, if you can simply put all the CSS files into a single stylesheet.

, JavaScript and CSS

4 external call site structure

CSSSprites is a effective method to reduce the image of the request. The background image all in an image file, and then through the background-image and background-position properties of CSS to display different parts of the picture.

improve website loading speed, need from the following point of view:


published on the website, for the blank, blank lines and comments in the web page code meaningless contents such as delete, to reduce page bytes, save time search engine spiders crawling.

three, loading speed:


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