Share two tips on how to get high quality content

we often find that now the TV screen, with many of the harem drama, when the "Palace" after the popular variety of "Palace" appeared, through the drama across the screen, this is what reason? It is apparently obvious adaptation, will a similar story, toss about after all is said and done. For, is to use the current consumer psychology, because people love to see this kind of TV plays, so even if the plot is similar, it will see with relish, and these different dynasties "Palace" is one of the

!Pseudo original method search engine!Of course,

must be used to rewrite the article and the theme of the site, can not wear Shaoxing into a red revolution theme drama, this will make people feel irrelevant, even if the user opened such content, but their needs and that even if the changes to write the misfits, very successful, it will not be what very good

through the screen follows the TV series, we also can be combined with the nature of their website industry, professional knowledge is very concerned about the industry for some users, to rewrite, of course a central idea is not changed, just like the TV series harem class, always wins is not evil, various kinds of misunderstanding, always. The hatchet! For professional knowledge industry, if the deviation from the title, it is not a good content, at least not to be able to help users, so the rewriting of re create, is to meet the different tastes of users, the different needs of the premise, but also to meet the appetite of


: a search for relative high frequency of the re creation of

now many webmaster think, the content of the website as long as the original, that is good, you can make your search engine better, but after a period of time after the update, but found that their website content included in a lot of content, but also ranked live together, but it is not what it flows over, why? Obviously, this is because the quality of the content is not high cause, because not many people pay attention to the content, the number of searches is few, nature will not bring substantial changes to your site traffic! So all is a good way to the original is not built, but to find high quality content that is the true way of website operation, the author will share two to obtain high quality content

usually is the title of re creation, use more attractive titles to single user’s eye, in addition to the increase in two useful or useless words are two, and now this kind of pseudo original, has been basically eliminated, now.

is also a high quality of the original article, is based on pseudo original skills, have turned into a pseudo original original, in fact this skill is necessary in text editing skill, if editing is not good, the pseudo original effect will be very poor, not to mention, can achieve high quality original content the effect of


two: pseudo original do not leak traces of


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