Forum posting do the seemingly simple but not simple

2. anchor position. Anchor link with >

in the post on the forum selection method is very important. What is the first need to post analysis, thus to find the forum resources, rather than to see what forum, or will only increase the workload. It is like a leaflet to optimize the site keywords ranking as the main purpose, so the Collection Forum resources must be allowed to send the anchor text of the forum.

has not been deleted and only the post was collected, the anchor link to optimize the desired effect. So a good collection of forum posts, are issued, then analyzes resources of the forum on. In order to reduce the workload of post, improve the efficiency of post. By posting leaflets analysis, the greater the amount of post forum, the spider crawling more frequently, the better the post included. Therefore, analysis of the forum, in order to effectively carry out the work of optimization.

Back when

two, the Forum

five, the anchor note hidden

, find the target forum

forum post content and content must have relevance for the financial sector, the investment, the stock of foreign exchange and other issues related to the forum posts, feelings of personal feelings, dating experience and other related posts, the data center section on the domain name server and other related posts, only posting content and close to the plate it is easy to, by the administrator audit. Otherwise, the post is good, but not in the investment correlation plate, the administrator will delete your post, because this post no role in this sector has.

just contact Shanghai dragon in this industry, every day in addition to posting or posting, mechanically repeating such a thing. Then, this seemingly simple things, only do you want to do it and not so simple. And this is not because there is no effort, but because of the lack of skills, so that not to delete is banned accounts limit IP. So, in the end how to post

should try to fill its readability for the post, make it known the truth, moving around it, so as to allow more users to resonate with the top post, to create a good atmosphere of discussion. So, even if the administrator found a link to the post, also concerns the users feel without arbitrarily delete posts.


three, and the content of the post forum content with

four, filling the readability of

The analysis included in

1. text color. Send the anchor link following the keyword text color will become a color with the original text, then the administrator can audit found a natural, it is difficult to pass the audit. So in the post before they need to set the color to the original words, as above, a post, a post is edited, if not careful observation is difficult to find the location of the anchor.


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