Shanghai Longfeng rookie when learn from your competitors

thoroughly studied, then the basic repeated operation, adhere to the original update I believe there will be a day of. But also the possible exception. Do you want to come back to the enemy. Where are the details? What do the opponent in the nuances of more excellent. The recently deceased Apple founder Stephen Jobs is a very detail oriented person, he is demanding to icon design of their products, in the visual appearance should be perfect; he pays great attention to the experience, to design a line. If you know the details, you can master the secret of success.

we also send the chain, they also send the chain, the chain of them how much? You take him outside the chain of transmission. In addition to his blog station group, do what? Post? These are done in a quiz platform? Why is he so much? Out of the time, he was outside the chain of quality and not more prominent? We have to find his forum, blog, and platform, registration, finishing up. Then there is the law. Don’t trouble, people is so over. There is a shortcut to success in the Shanghai dragon, is to copy the success of others. You copy all the trouble, it is not Shanghai dragon, not suitable for you.


row on the first page is not without reason (those who use improper means to ignore), the optimization is their predecessors and teacher, from each label, we can see the wisdom of Shanghai dragon. You don’t learn when now? What people see is the title? How to locate keywords? Use Adsense tools to analyze him, his article structure, is the original or false original? What his code is not surprising, it must be somewhere in the next work, or, his high weight from the other the advantages, such as the famous Yixing brick tile industry, and Yixing enterprises ranked higher; or he year long domain name.

it tells us the truth is very simple but very few people can do, that is to know yourself and know your opponent. Whether do industry website or Taobao, or simply do station, access to Shanghai dragon optimization, keyword analysis is one of the first factor to consider. If the words have been identified, then the optimization of "from internal to external layers, we began the long and boring Shanghai dragon road. At this stage, we have to do in addition to their website external links, code optimization and other things, don’t forget that we have competitors. What are our competitors? Please, you must first have thrust determination and courage, not those little-known small, occasionally in the front page showing a face comparison. Search engine traffic most is the first three pages, the first page of the independent domain name of the site, they are our competitors, we will beat them do? Black him? Of course not, but to learn from them

3. details determine success or failure.

2. rival external links.

1. competitors "structure.

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