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mobile Internet users:


from the figure we can know that the number of Internet users, mobile Internet users accounted for 74.5% of the number of Chinese, reached a staggering 420 million. This is a terrible data, and this data is still expanding! Behind the huge amount of users, it is difficult to imagine the hidden opportunities. As the Internet Nongchao, do is to grasp this opportunity.


data show that even if the communications application proportion is the highest, it is not surprising, for example, every mobile phone for QQ, WeChat, Mo Mo belong to the instant messaging application, accounting for the number is normal. So the recent micro business is fire and this is why, after all, the user base, and some places have sale. Among them, the search engine accounted for more than second high, which means that, in the field of mobile Internet users, still cannot do without the search engine, or rely on search engines to find the information you need. Therefore, the search engine promotion, also will be the direction of network marketing.

in the mobile search market, love Shanghai mobile search occupy 68% market share, is still the China search engine heavyweights, and this data is also improved, the flow is still increasing.

this map data show that mobile Internet users, college degree or above in the majority of the people, the majority of income in 2000-5000 yuan. From this we can conclude that the mobile Internet users to have certain level of education, in school or work out just the majority of young people.

let us see the picture below data:

with intelligent mobile phone products increasingly mature, many people engaged in the Internet are aware of the arrival of the mobile era. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other Internet giants are also expanding their own mobile Internet territory, in an attempt to win a ticket to the huge "Noah’s Ark". The mobile era has arrived, the birth of a new way of promotion. The face of the mobile Internet big business, what should we do?


from the type of mobile Internet users and usage, we may safely draw a conclusion, and instant messaging applications related to marketing, such as WeChat QQ and mobile marketing, marketing, promotion and cooperation to love Shanghai, love Shanghai mobile promotion for it, is currently our mobile search promotion solutions. More love Shanghai promotion news: 贵族宝贝


look at the habits of Internet users:

therefore, love Shanghai launched a mobile search solution, search marketing, mobile network promotion, mobile station, mobile video, mobile tool products business through mobile, almost in the building of second love Shanghai Internet advertising model.

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