How to do B2B industry Web page content designed to retain users

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in this research report above me, always remember the user is scanning instead of reading without reading the content clear before, in the navigation page, the user is willing to scan a sentence, in the area of no key content, no patience, we must provide both the short and have a certain vision the focus of the content on the web. This focus can attract the user’s attention, let them in time to see the love of the content, take further action, click the link to browse detailed information, or more, allowing users to stay, if we do not distinguish the key, it is difficult to let users quickly find the content he wants to find the focus, especially for new the user, the first impression is very important.

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1 title and focus on content design

understand the user browsing the needs and behavior, to meet user needs and habits in the page design, the method can highlight the focus of the content? Commonly used: text bold, text with pictures, text color, text reading, and become large, focused around a little more blank part increase the small icon or button, can highlight the focus of the content. Here is a brief explanation.

for the B2B page design industry website, you may consider more color design, buttons, navigation bar, title bar with the page, content design may often be overlooked. But if the content of the design is not good, may make all your design is be destroyed on one day. For example, how to make the content of the main points, the sense of hierarchy, so that the content does not seem too chaotic, too many users do not want to continue to read down, leave the site quickly, cannot keep users continue to visit.

visitors came to the site, will try to find out what they need. Again, the user is not to read, they are to do what they want to do, everyone’s purpose is not necessarily the same site to save them time and high quality content to attract the attention of each user, which makes them more easy to scan the entire page in a few seconds. The user only in a few seconds to scan this and find what they want, will continue for a longer time on your site. So for the B2B industry website home page, a page column navigation page, focus is the recommended content title, name information classification, information pictures etc.. There are many ways to focus the content more prominent, to explain in detail below.


no matter what, as long as we will be less part of the most bold, not so bold, bold certainly will be very prominent, this is the focus of the content of the commonly used method of manufacturing. We will be on a page to see a lot of bold text, the bold text is a part of the focus of the content, links content title, main classification name often use. This is the main way to create focus when designing the content page.

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