Keywords selection tool love Shanghai search word report


at the same time, the operation down, each of the 100 words of this kind will have about 1/4 of the word is effective, is allowed to operate, of course, the proportion of each website operation down are not the same, but there will be enough to dig into the word.

and this tool has very good practicability and maneuverability:

search word report, is enough to satisfy our keyword mining work, you may wish to try the operation. The article by 贵族宝贝aidai贵族宝贝/ love net original press.

method needs a tool, is the title mentioned Shanghai love search word report. This report is a data love Shanghai promotion background provides statistical reports, as long as you do love Shanghai promotion can export such statements.

I of these into our website from other search engines search words do statistics, found that every word is indeed can search to find our website in the corresponding search engine, so the data is very accurate.

(note the keywords is excavated by this method must be our target keywords, and is likely to bring traffic to

because of the different search engine rankings system is not the same, so it is likely that users in the other search engines can enter our website, but we haven’t fall in love with the sea in rank, or not do the keywords bidding, the word is worth us to operate. This is why I love Shanghai search terms report is key words why mining tool.

and the search terms report provides data, not only for the love of Shanghai to promote the useful for other search engines is the same as the practical operation, the principle is the same, that is to say through this report, keywords can all search engines work in mining.

Through the love of Shanghai

in this report which provides the two data: one is the user to enter our website search words, two keywords is love Shanghai, the consumption of actual background. Which is not only provides the users from Shanghai, Shanghai to promote love love search into the website of the natural keyword report also provides users from other search engines into our website search words what, and these search words become key words from our very good.

keyword is a matter of bidding or Shanghai Longfeng promotion are the most important, but often we will find that after a keyword selected from the early, we would be very difficult to do a lot of useful keywords to find. Some time ago I just found a very good method of mining, can be a good help to the keyword mining work.

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