f you go to Shanghai dragon training you dare to do

Shanghai Longfeng lecturer itself also has certain limitation, because after a few training sessions, also heard the others see the training experience, always feel some lecturers or some studio business, that is the value of a single word ranking, many lecturers in Shanghai Longfeng introduces himself will say I had XX, XXX so many times to do the first. In fact, a blog article like Lu Songsong said, Shanghai dragon is in order to improve the competitiveness of the website, not a word to the first successful, Shanghai dragon is the purpose of Web site overall weight and overall flow increase, and the flow of the long tail word must be more than the main keywords, and the limitations of the training institutions will obviously be "poisoned" novice.

monopoly in Shanghai Longfeng emerge in an endless stream of training industry, will not let you.

is the first for the recruitment of trainees, more is due to the publicity, such as let’s go to XX forum posting at the same time, you will find a lot of Shanghai Longfeng training institutions to recruit students for advertising, maybe we will make our forum favorability believe this training institutions, which involved, but it is undeniable that these training institutions exist serious homogenization, no innovation too much for their own teaching content, I think they should understand is perhaps the advertising effect is good, but everyone’s reputation is more important.

I think for this problem, a lot of friends to think, because of the current situation, Shanghai dragon industry absolutely no longer "high efficiency", i.e. you pile up by a simple keyword can obtain good keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon training content is nothing more than to write some articles the chain release skills and pay attention to content and other basic laws, after these years of development and accumulation of knowledge, Shanghai dragon training obviously decreased gradually, we’re attracted to not only that, Shanghai dragon training institutions gradually highlights the development of his own shortcomings.


yesterday in the electric grid blog to see an article about the now Shanghai dragon transformation, the article give you say a lot about the status quo of Shanghai dragon, very sincere, very high practical suggestions, but after reading the whole article, I would like to ask you a question, then it is time to when the Shanghai dragon training opportunity in front of you, you will be bound to go to

See an article in Han Han’s ONE software

, the article said that now people’s message is repetitive, namely repeated communication 1+1=2, although it is correct, but there is no practical significance, like today’s Shanghai dragon training to emphasize the chain and the powerful and important content yes, no matter what stage of development in Shanghai Longfeng, based on the content and operation of the chain can not be ignored, but since it is to learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, just pay attention to the most basic things a bit empty, after all, the actual experience is also very important. And the process of knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng in training is seldom mentioned.

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