To explore the advantages and disadvantages of the new WEB standard HTML5 and the influence of optim

HTML5 also has some disadvantages, we can say: Html5 can make WEB more beautiful, but it is not now. Because HTML5 is out of the initial stage, and not well supported by the browser. The current mainstream browsers tend to support HTML5, but there are still not many incompatible support.

HTML and Google

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for some special sites, especially relies heavily on the FLASH site, HTML5 available >

HTML5 is the latest version of the WEB standard of admission and then there are many is improved. The HTML5 enables WEB to achieve some improvement in usability and friendly experience of the user; there are several new HTML5 tags, which enables developers to be more open and convenient construction site; can better support multimedia elements, which include video and audio; can be a good solution to the limitations of FLASH in the web page; crawling and indexing, HTML5 will have more advantages; can be a large influx of mobile applications and APP game development etc..

HTML5 standard for the optimization of the effect of

search engine

: the search engine spiders more easy to crawl and index

as the world’s largest search engine, Google naturally does not despise HTML5. Google search page using HTML5 for the first time in 2010 May 22nd, to commemorate the 30th anniversary noble baby Pac-Man game launched a graffiti, pictured above, was the graffiti is the use of HTML5 produced at the same time, Google just released a Flash version to deal with browsers that do not support HTML5. This is probably most of the users for the first time to contact HTML5. I think this is a great progress, Google as the first major Internet company’s development trend, gives us a chance to peek WEB. At the same time I also have to take into account the influence of HTML5 on the future optimization of industry.


2011, as one of the focus in the WEB industry is the development of HTML5. I also see many of these articles in many webmaster nets, but I found it seems that very few can directly asked whether the HTML5 standard WEB page can affect the flow of the site and the real and optimization related article. I will be at the end of 2011 published a year the authors understanding in HTML5. First of all we have to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the new standard in WEB.

The advantages and disadvantages of



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