Keywords ranking continues to fluctuate the webmaster should calm analysis of the reasons


let the webmaster not calm things, in fact is not included in the site snapshot or abnormal fluctuation, but the site keywords ranking the emergence of large fluctuations. Small website (before adding your site name) was also instability phenomenon, Xiao Bian also very confused, but as long as we understand the reason, understand why keywords unstable, it can adjust an antidote against the disease.

ZhengZhan rankings of common phenomenon in new sites, through the assessment period after the new general overall rankings, no previous ranking keywords also appeared in. In addition to the accumulation of time caused by the weight of ascension is also an important reason for the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) through long-term observation data that is not change as we think ZhengZhan ranking is slow to appear, on the contrary, it reached a certain weight accumulation, the whole site suddenly rising "the phenomenon of crossing over. This in itself is not a very stable phenomenon, wave point weight and keywords are the most closely related. So, from this point of view, the entire station slipped means the site is down right, the need for timely check and take remedial measures, otherwise the situation will deteriorate further.

love back

website ranking of search engine "recovery", common on the website of the pseudo original and new assessment period, the search engine included in the page is first given to the good ranking, especially Google, are generally the first to give a new station will be included not coarse ranking, then make further data to analyze and judge the quality of the content, to determine the general one to two days to the final result ranking. During this period compared with database found high similarity information, or calculated that the page weight did not reach the ranking criteria, will take back the rankings. So this is what no need to panic, the search engine on your website.

, a change in the weights of the website

three, Shanghai ranked

two, search algorithm to adjust the

this is one of the main reasons we webmaster general may think, whether it is love or Google Shanghai, is subject to re ranking algorithm on the adjustment, this is the webmaster can not control external factors, we do optimization is probably the most helpless. It is because it is not controllable factors, we should pay more attention to their adjustment. 628 events in Shanghai and love recently said in a statement, Google penguins algorithm and recent performance of the PR update, we can find that the two search engines have significantly improved the optimization of the score, due to the analysis of website user experience can lead to the chain of artificial interference, the proportion of the chain in the algorithm is reduced. The PR update a lot without the construction of the chain site can also obtain good results, recent tests the author also found very little probability of non ranking of the original articles to.

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