Not only is to link on the role of soft marketing

is the love Shanghai drop-down box, first love Shanghai long term ranking, plus different Adsense recommend different soft. Our site is the basic form of a small brand. If >

2, get rid of the shackles of the

3, love Shanghai weight lifting

webmaster platform, web surfers is the webmaster. If we want to sell their products or services to the owners. It can be said to write text to webmaster platform is the most targeted marketing. In general, the soft are from the third perspective to describe a product or service. This will greatly enhance the credibility of products or services. Of course, not let us write text to flicker webmaster, product quality is always the first pass to marketing.

if you want to do a test, that is to our site for a long term, the one and only. Then in a few soft paper to write, every time the word. Wrote 5 articles about the word, as long as you corresponding products are needed. We can not only find the long word in Shanghai love the drop-down box, and search the long word, our site is always the first one.


4, brand promotion

1, targeted marketing

looked at Yue Zhixuan’s "not only to link or ignore the quality of soft writing and eventually became a marketing fetters", personally think that a little worry he proposed is justified. But not every article is in the purpose of marketing, some soft Wen is purely in order to obtain the chain, with the increase of weight to the site. If we in the webmaster platform to write soft article marketing some ah, ah this type of pump valve products, I think this type of soft marketing is not desirable. So, the key is to look at our site’s theme, or what types of products and marketing platform in which is soft.

if we want to product of marketing space, domain name or promotion tools, software etc.. For example, skycc combination marketing software that high-quality comprehensive network marketing software. And we are based in the station platform, this time the role of soft marketing is manifested.

when we are good enough, we don’t need to leave. Products in soft paper and get the chain. A lot of people will take the initiative to find our products through search engine. Because the product is really useful to him. Also, now every article came out, it was a lot of people quickly reproduced. But we have links to copyright was a lot of people mercilessly replaced the owners own web site. Leading search engines are difficult to determine in the end of this article who is original. Marketing soft because it is in the content skillfully embedded we should publicize the contents. The general content is not modified to reprint, because he did not have the time to modify the new article, too much.

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