Love Shanghai regulation of false official website website Yuan Fang how do you see


said above is merely a case of love Shanghai official certification, but for the enterprise website a "website" website, the B2B enterprise shops with the "official" information, classified information network information released in the official website information.

Shanghai announced the beginning of free website authentication, can see the only official website certified through this channel has 177598 sites, which many of them have many different web site is an enterprise, according to the Shanghai love saying, this is a false official website. But the authentication website is user authentication reasonable through these channels, and did not do what thing is this love resort to deceit, the official website of the Shanghai through the audit. Multiple sites of an enterprise certification website appears this is love Shanghai program bugs or staff audit failures and mistakes because of their love for Shanghai this time even for many with multiple "website information website deweight, give you some benefits and then give you a slap yourself? Why call users face vulnerabilities

two, love Shanghai program how intelligent

, your vulnerability hit the user’s face


? Love is the whole network before

website words on the page, the more enterprises can have a sense of trust, at the same time the user clicks to stimulate, but too much information on the official website also will mislead users of Internet, chaos. Love Shanghai the regulation "is nothing more than a false official website website rectify the Internet, enhance the user experience, but such a reliable treatment method? Wood Shanghai Longfeng ask: Yuan Fang, what do you think of

and the regulation of false love Shanghai "website" website mainly includes: 1, the enterprise website appeared a "official website" website, on the one hand is the enterprise to add their own "official", on the other hand is the result of love Shanghai certification; 2, enterprise B2B shops with the "official" information; 3. The classification of information network information released in the official website information.

this is the love of Shanghai to carry out the current regulation of false "official" activities, love Shanghai LEE also mentioned in the Beijing Railway Station Changsha dragon, the recent information on the site with the "official" to deweight, "official" means that the site is not really the official website, containing false information the official website, it can be seen that any kind of website only with the emergence of a brand of authority and the official website, with the "official" information website will be right down, if a large quantity will affect the entire website directly.


as a webmaster, certainly the most worried about is the site is down right and content information to be plucked, which seriously affected the operation of the web site, but recently we may have heard or discovered deweight the hair with a lot of information and the official website information website, including large sites like Bibi stickers, Chinese such suppliers the.

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