How to teach novice website optimization steps

second: internal optimization

three label optimization is to modify the Title and Keywords, the content of the Description, but it is important to note that the modified three attributes will cause the search engine to grab the latest data, will now be "view", and effectively avoid the "slowly" changes, such as every a week to modify the label content, because the search engine is updated once every week, and every week only change a label content in order to minimize big change.


: the first three label optimization

if only do home page optimization, do the above aspects, ranking will be slightly ahead, but if you want to achieve the whole optimization of words, but also need to optimize the list page, the article page, these pages are optimized with the home page optimization, so as long as the almost home page can be optimized according to.

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER took over when the new site, would not change a light, search engines will be right down, and will produce the station closed to the consequences, so just took over the site to do optimization, must have the plan and purpose to modify, to give yourself the best column program table.

above is my personal experience over the new website optimization, although relatively simple to write, but basically say is the key, many websites do not do more than one point, so perhaps we refer to good articles from h>

here as long as the construction of high quality external links can recommend various forums, the blog, information publishing platform, inquiry platform, Links platform, the publication, there’s one thing to note is that we must avoid using mass software, but also in the construction of the chain, must pay attention to "the amount of" and "stable", built outside the chain of things is not a day for two days, but we stick to it long.

fifth: the optimization of

optimization is an important ZhengZhan optimization, because this is the only can produce a large number of long tail keywords ranking, and the long tail keywords ranking is easy to get, so I want to increase website traffic, it is necessary to make a lot of long tail keywords ranking, the method is to use the article to achieve the purpose of.

third: external optimization

internal optimization need to change the program template for the homepage Add random article pages, the latest articles section, popular articles section, and then give the homepage Add breadcrumb navigation bar, in order to improve the density, and the home station master key weight and Tian Jiawen section of the chapter is to increase the degree of freshness of the home page. There is a need to clean up code, all code recommended by DIV+CSS layout, this advantage is to let the search engine spiders smoothly, but also increase the speed of page tour.


fourth: other optimization

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