Overseas Chinese media outlets like Qinghai

Clear water of the Yellow River, the hospitality of the Turkish children, mellow barley wine…… Even the day, from the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Britain and other 20 countries of the 25 world Chinese media executives, walking through 2014 China — the world Chinese media Qinghai line activities into Qinghai, deeply by the beauty of Qinghai attracted British editor in rich media Chen Shi Rong said that Qinghai is beautiful “green” pure climate, rich cultural heritage, the hospitality of the people, impressive. In September 18th, the Yellow River had just seen clear water from the Guide delegation, rushed to the home of the rainbow, the county, the experience of Tu style children. From Canada 7 days of culture media, deputy editor in chief reporter Hu Xian had a great interest in the culture of Tu nationality during the interview, Hu said the constitution, Tu is Tuyuhun’s descendants, the horseback nomads have their own languages, although after the long history, the text has to be written. But I was very interested in the history of the Tu, hope to learn more.” At the same time, Hu Xian also said that the unique beauty of Qinghai also let her deeply impressed, “while the clear water of the Yellow River, while the unique Danxia landform, this unique scenery can only be seen in Qinghai, a few days of the trip to Qinghai to let me feel the need to understand the world, the world needs more understanding of Qinghai, we will take the beauty of Qinghai to tell more people.” The Chinese media in Qinghai, CO sponsored by the Qinghai provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Qinghai provincial government information office, China news agency Qinghai branch, the first time in 2013 Qinghai event, the delegation traveled nearly 2000 km trip, feel close to Qinghai’s cultural diversity, ecological construction, economic and social development achievements and, in the overseas media published articles more than and 120, let more people know the beauty of Qinghai.

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