Clever talk can make business more popular

a customer will really patronize a store, and even said it would become a loyal consumer, in fact, many times with the owner of the speaking skills is also a great relationship. However, the business department store business, everyday is a little more fixed crowd, in the course of time between gradually familiar with them, nor between so many polite, speaking also the habit of casual.

was very busy that day, it is not easy to have a gap to rest. Just sit down the door into a man, so I stood up and said: "Hello, what?" The man in the brow hear what I said after once, did not answer. See the guests did not speak, I smiled and asked: "what do you want?" Then the man looked at me and said, "what did you just say?" The sound sounds rather unpleasant, I was asked a leng.


you say, "I’m not a beggar." I only see light suddenly, and even an apology: "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that I was wrong. Would you like to buy something?" This man tells her to buy things, before he also said to me: "like you talk to some people once won second times, people have to buy something and not to give you anything."

"what do you want?" In fact, this sentence is very natural, no other meaning. But at least one word let others understand space, its derivative and intended meaning far.

not only that, in my daily business, I also found that the price of the goods will cause unnecessary discontent. For example, the number "36", "39", "250", "36" and "39" these two figures for local customs is taboo number combination, generally to meet these figures we must take the initiative to avoid it, otherwise it will lead to customer complaints. But "250" say it is two hundred and fifty, I think this is "taboo" in most areas. Sometimes I have to say "2, 5, 0, had had something to say customers can only yield a dollar or two dollars.

I think most of the shopkeepers are likely to encounter such a situation, the price with "1" items are almost maling. Especially the cigarettes, small profit margins, many times only reluctantly give up, after all, is the best way to retain customers.

I have a cigarette for bidding method, most of the customers are not bargain. Like Yuxi, the price of 21 yuan / bag, where to shop customers will say "give me a package of Yuxi", and I happen to have the Yuxi shop 26 yuan / bag, so I would ask: is a pack of 21 dollars or 26 yuan a pack? So they rarely bargain.

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