Case study Xining trademark infringement cases increased efforts to investigate

Xining City Industrial and commercial system to support thousands of enterprises, cultivate thousands of pieces of trademark "as an opportunity to further intensify efforts to investigate the case of well-known, famous trademark infringement, for dealing with trademark infringement cases seven, destroyed dens one, involving up to 134 thousand and 200 yuan.

Xining City branch of law enforcement officers in the inspection market, macro Shunyan Hotel, located in Xining Nan Mo Er yuan No. 141 Ning Letter No. 34 hospital Hengxin cigarette and liquor vendor selling infringing mutual brand of highland barley wine, the scene seized the allegedly infringing "colorful mutual aid" 6 bottles of wine, "eight workshop" 6 bottles of wine, "four tianyoude" 6 bottles; according to the masses, in total two cement sales near the town seized counterfeit "Moon Mountain" brand 450 bags of cement, 28.5 tons of bulk cement packaging bag 1010, a total value of 105 thousand and 800 yuan.

Xining Wuyi Road in the East Branch of tobacco and food stores seized infringing mutual "red four tianyoude 18 bottles of wine". In Xining, a Riverside Road shop seized suspected counterfeit JACK DANIELS 30 bottles of wine, 47 AK – 30 bottles of wine, "Fuwa" brand 30, furongwang tobacco smoke Olympic 2, Moutai 2 bottles of wine, a total value of 23 thousand and 400 yuan.

north of the city of Xining Branch Bridge in the village of 65 destroyed an illegal counterfeit beer processing dens, the scene seized filled the fake "Budweiser", "Carlsberg" 816 bottles of beer, processing of raw materials "Quan" brand of beer bottles, 2280 bottles of 63, worth 5 thousand yuan.

at present, the case is under further investigation.


The conduct of the parties

of the case violates the "fifty-second People’s Republic of China" trademark law "provisions of the two paragraph: first, without the permission of the registered trademark, the trademark is identical or similar to a registered trademark on the same kind of goods or similar goods with; is illegal sale of infringing registered trademark goods.


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