Datong County ten beautiful countryside

The first

of Datong County Xinhe cup ten beautiful village before the contest successfully concluded, the top ten beautiful countryside, fully demonstrated the results of new rural construction in Datong County, Datong County rural tourism resources show unique charm.


treasure town

is located in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the northwest corner of the mountain, the national highway 227 line from south to north through the township, the township government in the village, with a total area of 1174.85 square kilometers. "Gao Xia Pinghu" black spring, river, river to name not to her "Cha Han River" landscape here is the name card, is a rich treasure trove of spruce the name card. 2007 was named the county’s first civilized credit village, civilized credit village has 7 villages, civilized letter users 1446, in June this year, then listed the village of 2 civilizations credit. In 2012, the township government was named "garden style unit" by the municipal government".


Qiaotou town

"stable agricultural town, industrial town, the town of Commerce, tourism town, town, town civilization tree, ecological beauty." The bridge in the town to build a beautiful town as an important work, strengthen industrial restructuring, optimize the structure of planting industry, the town has formed 5000 acres of potato production base, 1000 acres of vegetable planting and tourism base and nectarine flower base. In rural areas to create a civilized villages and towns, ten star civilized farmers and other activities, the establishment of the "Three Civilizations" achieved fruitful results.


pharmacy village

new North Township, the village of medicine is a semi shallow mountain village, the main crops to wheat, rape, potato based, and cabbage, zucchini, carrots and other economic crops. 2012, the total income of rural economy to achieve 6 million 946 thousand yuan, per capita net income of up to $6689.2. CCTV news network had carried out for the village mass cultural activities carried out for up to 3 minutes. In July 22, 2012, CCTV’s "big country of the world – into the chase" program live recording work in the village of medicine Carpenter Village Cultural Square successfully completed. August 26th, in the central seven programs were broadcast.



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