Multi sectoral together to create a safe consumer confidence consumer environment

February 25th, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, province, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer rights consumer association held a news briefing, the Provincial Consumer Association, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial food and Drug Supervision Bureau were informed of the province’s consumer complaints, consumer product quality supervision, food and drug advertising monitoring and monitoring quality. Provincial Consumers Association informed this year, 3· 15 program.

2013 year, our province consumer associations at all levels of consumer complaints 1138, the settlement rate of 97.8% for the consumer economic losses of more than 291 yuan, involving more than 412 yuan, to receive 22138 passengers visiting and consulting. Overall, the amount of consumer complaints fell in 2012.

provincial quality supervision system in accordance with the law on agricultural products, household appliances, light industrial products, textile products, building materials, mechanical and electrical products and energy products such as the 7 major categories of 17 kinds of consumer goods to carry out product quality supervision and spot checks, a total sample of 270 enterprises produced 367 batches of products, qualified rate of 91.6%. On the spot checks found quality problems, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has been in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

food and Drug Administration food and drug safety crackdown on illegal and criminal acts, to ensure public food and drug safety inspection, the cumulative food production, processing and selling and catering services to more than 98800 households (Times), banning undocumented according to 35 households, arrested 9 suspects, destroyed food crime black dens 3, the gang of 1. At the same time, to carry out medical drug (medical devices), health care products, cosmetics special rectification, a total of 36 investigation, warning, rectification 25, confiscate the illegal sale of drugs and illegal income 37 yuan, up to a total of more than 68 yuan, to revoke the "drug license" since 1, banning of unlicensed drugs since 1, banning illegal sales of health food black dens 1.

Provincial Administration of strict supervision of the damage to the interests of the masses, medical drugs, health food, medical equipment, cosmetics and other serious illegal advertising, to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of the 19 mainstream media advertising, a total of more than 88 times the advertising monitoring, found suspected illegal advertising more than 1.3 times. Aiming at monitoring the problems found on the media, to carry out on-site administrative interviews and on-site office, the person in charge of the media made a commitment from the strengthening of self-discipline, regulate advertising behavior, enhance the credibility of the government.


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