Aid green work help Qinghai Tibetan development and stability

June 27th, reporters from aid youth cadres forum was informed that, since July 2010, Youth assistance work officially started, through the joint efforts of the national ministries, the central enterprises, provinces and municipalities and the Qinghai provincial government, aid youth work mechanism, gradually expand the scale of assistance, assistance to constantly enrich the content, the basic form of economy and cadres, talents, education, science and technology and the combination of government, enterprise and society all participating Youth assistance work pattern, the political, economic and social benefits aid youth work became fully apparent.

since July 2010, human resources and social security department, Ministry has sent two batches of aid young cadres, the first batch of 26 from the central state organs, 13 central enterprises and 6 developed provinces to send 102 (later increased to 119) in July 2013, second aid youth cadres; the 32 group from the central state authorities, 18 central enterprises and 6 provinces selected 182 cadres of youth assistance. Among these, there are 4 young cadres have been transferred to Qinghai to work, the support of the green cadres involved in the work of 18 batches of green aid. To aid youth cadres into the Green Gang has played an important role in five aspects: one is to the requirements of the central and Qinghai provincial realities, positive suggestions, actively participate in the preparation of the recipient regions and units of various types of development planning, play an important role in the two expert staff; tightly around the strategic goal of "three zone" construction carefully selected, the implementation of a number of key projects and livelihood projects, the implementation of the project started aid youth work has played a leading role; the three is to actively play a role as a link, through matchmaking and coordination arrangements, a strong impetus to aid by both the communication and cooperation; four is to actively play a leading role in promoting the cultivation a large number of backbone and local talents for the recipient area units; five is to actively play a leading role in the work of specific work, generally the recipient unit leadership and stem Of the masses.

as of now, Youth assistance work of the support of the implementation of Youth assistance funds 6 billion 470 million yuan, to determine the aid project 1142, the implementation of 802, completed 661, completed an investment of 4 billion 331 million yuan, equivalent to 326 million yuan donations; the training of cadres at all levels of personnel more than 26000 people, more than 2500 batches to carry out exchange visits, to promote Qinghai the Tibetan leapfrog development and long period of stability has played an important role in promoting.


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