Large pollution control site dust storm

dust, sand and gravel, and even affect the surrounding road environment has been surrounded by dust around the sky, which is the site of the past to leave people impressed. With the implementation of the Xining municipal governance demolition site dust pollution, 17 key projects being implemented in Xining and the demolition of the real estate development project site in full swing and other dust pollution control operations, rack enclosure, equipped with sprinkler sprinkler, with daily non-stop network cover construction waste…… Demolition site no longer naked demolition, blocking the once raging sandstorm.

October 23rd morning, the reporter with the city housing demolition Department staff came to the airport expressway along the north of the city demolition site section of Chaoyang Village area environmental remediation project, this area demolition area of about 300 acres, the huge demolition site although there is removed to leave the building rubbish, and accompanied by seven or eight excavators in garbage disposal, but here the sky is not much dust on the road has been cleared very clean, the original in the real estate sector active supervision, the garden department site is equipped with sprinkler operation, while the staff of garbage disposal, while kept watering, so the site is a neat. According to reports, previously, due to the large amount of demolition project, the site did not take good spray, watering facilities such as dust, and the demolition of the construction for houses, where the dust is more serious, the viaduct on the road from Xining to Datong from afar foggy. Then the reporter in the vicinity of Shangri-La West Tower high-speed west government reserve land, new village demolition project site to see, this site has also been set up more than 1 kilometers of iron metal enclosure, in the field of construction waste with all the clouds covering up, previously, this site due to dust pollution prevention measures in place, was sentenced to stop corrective punishment.

it is understood that the city has a total of 65 demolition projects, has completed the demolition of the 4, is in the relocation of the mobilization stage or pre preparation of the 44, the implementation of the demolition of the house of the 17. For the full implementation of the prevention and control of air pollution in the city of Xining city to the city, demolition site issued a pollution control notice, focusing on the 17 demolition site dust pollution in the implementation of governance, the focus of the investigation, the existence of the enclosure is not standardized, the building did not clean up the garbage or cover, the site is not equipped with sprinkler dust facilities demolition site dust pollution problem, the site issued 40 copies of the rectification notice, ordered rectification work stoppage 6. At present, the Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project implementation project demolition site, the road area a project of real estate projects such as demolition site, have very serious dust control has been exposed, construction waste has been covered with green dustproof net, some improvement is not obvious under active rectification. (author: Xiao Yu)


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