Retail stores want to develop customer needs and give play to the advantage of commodities Ne

the biggest difference between a large customer and a regular fit is the number of items purchased. If the goods do not have the advantage, for the individual, may be two times the inconvienent, but for large customers, the store may not be able to cooperate again, because it is not easy to cause greater losses. Therefore, the retail store wants to develop large customers, naturally need to give play to the advantages of goods.

commodity procurement is the most important commodity. If you run the quality of the goods is not good, quality is not high, less variety, so the geographical position, good relations with each other again good also is no good, after all of your goods does not meet the requirements of people, they do not meet the procurement requirements. Therefore, the retail customers in order to develop large customers, we must take advantage of the goods to win big customers.

I have a beverage company in the area, and their location is located in a supermarket opposite me. In June last year, the company needed to purchase a number of quality carpets, but did not find the carpet after the supermarket goods. Helpless, the company had to go to other shopping malls to buy. By October, the company went to the supermarket to buy Bedding, but because too few varieties, grades are not high, the company had to go to another supermarket to buy. This happened several times after the incident, the company lifted the purchase contract with the supermarket, and re identified a retail outlet.

I personally believe that the retail customers in order to develop large customers, in terms of goods must grasp three points: first, to ensure the quality of goods. Major customer procurement in general is not too much care about the price, mainly in the quality of the product is more stress, if the quality of the procurement of goods is not high, the unit will not be satisfied with the leadership, the staff will not be willing to. If the goods purchased are of good quality and the price is moderate, the leaders and employees of the unit will be satisfied.

secondly, to ensure that the goods are complete. range of goods, buyers can have a greater choice of space, while retail customers will increase the probability of goods sold. If people want what is missing, affecting the work of others, then it is very difficult to maintain customer relationships. From this aspect, we should always pay attention to the work of dynamic retail enterprises, have some valuable information, for example, unit expansion renovation, opened the foundation, carry out memorial activities, to analyze customer demand for commodities according to these activities, and then work to do in front of the advance into the purchase of the goods in place to prepare in advance, and always ensure whenever and wherever possible to meet the needs of major customers.

third, the commodity level to moderate. Enterprises and institutions and other large customers in the procurement of goods are generally higher than the middle and low commodity procurement is almost No. In the years I’ve been dealing with big clients, I’ve come up with a law. If a business is engaged in a large business, then

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