Moisturizing products ten brands list the whole

once dry skin, not only very easily, but also accelerate the aging, so that moisture is the necessary homework a lot of girls, because now the air quality is poor, prone to dry skin, so can not do without cosmetics but must have skin care products. So what moisturizing moisturizing effect of skin care products best? How to select the replenishment moisturizing products? The following small series for you to announce the replenishment of the top ten brands of moisturizing products.

moisturizing products of ten brands list NO.1, Kiehl’s high moisturizing cream

belongs to the shape of partial liquid, Hydra, moisturizing effect is good. It is also recommended by many beauty. Compared to other products, Kiehl’s high moisturizing cream price is affordable, the effect is very good. Can be elected ten replenishment moisturizing product list is also very worthy of the name.

warm tip: the human body’s skin is alkaline and facial skin is a weak acid, so it is best not to long-term use of body lotion to wipe the face, buy a bottle of cream.

replenishment moisturizing products ten brands list NO.2, Morita hyaluronic acid mask

talk about replenishment of moisture, how can less mask. Pass the acid sleep mask, pass the acid is white, but this sleep mask moisturizing effect is particularly good. Morita’s list of ten this mask moisturizing products list, but also in the Chinese cabbage fighter, this is really a rare case of a cabbage price good mask, even big skin are suitable products, replenishment effects are not too much to describe.

replenishment moisturizing products ten brands list NO.3, Ke run

recommended Kao’s korrun. It contains ceramide component cetyl -PG hydroxyethyl palm amide, plays the same role in ceramide and intercellular. Adult moisturizing formula design is also very gentle, suitable for sensitive skin. Summer with emulsion, winter can use cream. Dry sensitive skin to buy when you can buy a set of facial cleanser, water, lotion, are very good.

replenishment moisturizing products ten brands list NO.4, Mentholatum


muscle, very strong run run, etc. series of products are the main hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is moisturizing, and more soothing, suitable for all kinds of skin. Because its product is more, so many choices. Is also one of the ten replenishment moisturizing products list.

replenishment moisturizing products ten brands list NO.5, Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Aden’s silver grade day cream, night cream, and so on, contain squalane, but also moisturizing replenishment. But note that

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