Tianjin a small fat man weighs more than the adult school difficulties

in Tianjin, a child, only seven years old, and her weight is heavier than most adults, won the recognition of people, in many cases, want to let the children to maintain a perfect figure, is very important. The original Xiao Yun is a super fat, only 7 years old, she weighed 75 kilograms, because too fat, she could not take a step further, by Zhang Hongjun, a step by step down arms. Each hold two steps, Xiao Yun is tired, must sit down and rest.

4 skinny old 60 kg

out of the wheelchair

Zhang Hongjun 45 years old this year, from Tianjin City, Jinnan district town village. The fat girl is 7 years old, is his daughter of the age of two. Speaking of daughter fat things, he is surprised to feel anxious. "My daughter is really very bitter, just 9 months old when the water was boiling once, the left half of the body is hot. 3 years of age when compared to the same age children are thin, only 12.5 kg, that is, to the age of nearly 4 years, suddenly began to gain weight, a month on the weight of a total of about 10 kilograms, and now the child is 7 years old, weight reached a total of 75 kg. The child is so fat, has been unable to walk, can only sit at home every day, out of the wheelchair."

Zhang Hongjun has a good job, he had been a soldier, after the war in Tianjin electric power construction company as a worker, running around the country, the construction of power plants. Before coming to Jilin Province, now, because the child to be so fat, the wife of a person already can’t take care of, had to resign, the ganhai people in my hometown. That is, every day to run the beach, wholesale seafood from the fishing boats, and then the seafood to the market, if the child out of the situation, the focus on the home care of children.

Liu Rongqin said, "all the other kids have gone to school. Even the children can not go to school!"

a child over normal weight, but also continue to develop and win recognition. In Tianjin, they met an old Chinese medicine, said to be able to treat the child’s obesity, opened a Chinese herbal medicine to let the children eat. After returning home, the couple cook medicine to the child to eat, or no effect.

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