Promotional advertisements can start from three aspects to consider

since it is necessary to carry out promotional activities, naturally also need to have advertising language. However, this advertisement can be how to write, but it bothers a lot of people. In fact, we are in the design of promotional activities of the advertising language, the simple and crude emphasis on discount and bargain, for smart consumers, has long been immune to any role. So, how can we design a transfer of consumers interested in advertising? Xiao Bian believes that you can stand in the consumer’s perspective, starting from the following three questions.

first, why do consumers want to see your advertisement?

is not only a slogan, we usually write all the copy, need to use the title of strategy, in other words, your advertising success rate of 80% is up to you to decide the title, the remaining 20% is decided by the content of the. According to scientific research, when people read, read the title of the people than the title and text reading five times.

this is a revelation to us in the title under the Kung Fu, in the title as far as possible the use of strong words, such as "free", "buy one" and "clearance sale" and so on, let the customer know the benefits of promotional activities. To know that people are petty, only for their own good things they will be willing to be interested to read carey.

second, why do consumers want to buy your product?

customer facing such doubts, we must from the unique selling point of the product are of common point low price, good quality, adequate supply, logistics and convenient, has obvious geographical or historical advantage, innovation, brand image and customer service service and so on, if you have more than one point above it, it will be better, the reason for consumers to buy the list in the advertisement, let consumers see more easily touch their hearts.

third, what security?

is now a lot of businesses doing promotional activities, are not willing to provide customers with the return of services, fear of losing. But I do not know if you have ever thought that we used to promote the original price of the product is lower than the normal commodity, if businesses do not want to make any warranty for consumers to return such a guarantee.

In fact,

will also allow consumers to doubt whether there will be promotional merchandise quality problems, rather than buy a lot of. You know, it is guaranteed that you return the goods, there will be more people to buy the goods, the more the guarantee will be more substantial profits. Of course, whether or not to make any warranty commitments, businesses need to pay a certain amount of courage and courage.

many times shopkeepers like to complain about the promotion of the shop

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