Wuhan Charity Hospital for a giant baby the whole

generally, birth weight in 3 kilograms, but recently at a Wuhan hospital, will usher in a giant baby, Wuhan pregnant mother Ms. Xu, appetite when pregnancy is particularly good, eat less hyperactivity, the rest of the time you need to help your family legs up to the bed to go. April 4th, 37 year old Xu mother in Wuhan Charity Hospital Caesarean birth successy gave birth to a 10. 6 pounds of fat treasure ", compared with the general newborn," Po "look more like a few months old baby.

maternal Ms. Xu Wuhan, near the due date to the Wuhan charity hospital admission examination, doctors found that the fetus is too large, to discuss the hospital and families decided to use cesarean section. Give her a cesarean to beauty director doctor 000, fetus, difficult delivery during the operation, easily lead to fetal intracranial hemorrhage, fracture…… Even life-threatening, which is a test of the surgeon’s ability and experience. In the course of the operation to master a certain strength, direction to smooth out the baby, and in order to avoid fetal asphyxia, doctors must race against time.

4, 4, in the joint efforts of doctors, fetal safe delivery! Since the birth of a child is very prone to hypoglycemia, the baby was born, the doctor gave him 70 – 80 ml of sugar in a timely manner.

take care of Ms. Xu’s life, said her mother, Ms. Xu late pregnancy when the appetite is particularly good, after she finished cooking pregnant women soup, you can also eat a bowl of rice. Late pregnancy is very difficult to walk, legs need to help the family to bed up, Ms. Xu said.

although the child is so heavy, at the time of production will encounter difficulties, but her daughter safe, Wuhan Charity Hospital million to beauty director pointed out that the early pregnant mother can supplement nutrition, after 4 months of pregnancy to the amount of not too much, can determine the size of the baby in various stages of development by B-ultrasound, according to the reference for the different stages of value to weight management. At present, the ideal body weight of about 3 kg is conducive to the promotion of spontaneous birth, more than 4 kg, which is not only a huge sum of 8 pounds.

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