A middle school in Xi’an banned students from wearing sport shoes into the Campus

sports shoes is a standard for all students, because he will give people more comfort and health, in a school in Xi’an, martial law prohibits students from wearing imported shoes into the school. Users have to reflect the school to prevent the spread of the students to enjoy the spread of the wind, from the beginning of next week, all students are required to wear domestic shoes, prohibit wearing imported shoes into the campus.

in order to prevent students from competing with each other, to prohibit the import of imported shoes students into the school, this is about to be implemented in other schools mandatory provisions, the students are how to see? Some students think that "competition cannot (by) ban on imports of shoes put this phenomenon to prevent; is not appropriate, because the students have the right to choose their own family, some students may choose good shoes more high-end; school if the request is too strict, limiting the development of some of the characters."

from another point of view, in the eyes of the teacher, although the practice of this school some absolute, but in the final analysis, or for the healthy growth of students. "To avoid the trend of their formation, the starting point is good, but the measures taken are questionable."

vice president of Xi’an eighty-ninth middle school moral education, said Yang Li, a lot of curiosity about the students, there is the pursuit of hope that their youth beautiful or want their own academic highlights. As a minor teacher or parent, there is a correct guide to deal with the problem easier for everyone to accept."

although the teachers of a school in Xi’an only to let the children not to develop the psychological comparison, but more often need to conduct the correct guidance of minors, otherwise it will cause their rebellious. National two counselors Jia Yang analysis, to prevent students from school is one factor, while the family is also a very important factor, the two sides should be strengthened at the same time.

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