What the whole of northeast family hotel

when I was a child watching a lot of television, including the "northeast family" impressive. The northeast wind funny life lessons the charm of the drama, give people a warm comfortable feeling. Of course, the same as the northeast people can give you the feeling of home.

northeast restaurant for customers to provide authentic Sichuan cuisine, coupled with the unique service of the northeast, so that customers enjoy the general feeling of home. The environment is elegant and comfortable, fresh and luxurious, clean and hygienic, the price is reasonable, fresh ingredients, carey with the material, color and flavor, is a good place for you to enjoy food. The northeast people food "practical, hard work, respect the responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and in good faith, and create a win-win business philosophy, with a new management mode, perfect technology, good service, excellent quality for survival, we always adhere to the customer first service to customers, adhere to their own service to impress customers.

how about the Northeast Hotel? Can you join us?

northeast restaurant is an independent master recipe technology, an independent registered trademark of the national chain enterprises. According to the need of human nutrition, northeast people by the scientific method of eating food, will Western-style food culture and Chinese diet culture combined, according to human nutritional needs, the northeast people catering scientific diet method, Western-style food culture and Chinese diet culture will be combined with the main business in the Western nutrition package, Cantonese style tea, delicious dishes, fashion drink more than 100 varieties, by the relevant experts called "Chinese and Western" model, with good prospects for development.

in recent years, the rise of a variety of Western fast food in china. Its main hamburger, fried chicken, French fries, mainly in the children’s market. Due to the growth and development of children, these foods are rich in high protein, high fat, a large number of hormones, the lack of the human body needs vitamins, folic acid, carotene, minerals, etc.. Children often eat on the negative growth and nutritional value is not high, easily lead to obesity and various conditions. The traditional Chinese food because of its complex process, it is easy to destroy the nutritional value of food. Our country also has to operate the steak based, but not the transfer of production technology, the chain of raw materials unified distribution, taste quality is not stable, the freshness of food is greatly reduced, it is difficult to ensure that each customer can eat fresh, authentic Western-style food.

The general rule and the advanced mode of

northeast people catering to follow the modern international catering business, by virtue of its strong management support system and talent advantage, actively and steadily development of franchise business, in the process of franchising, always adhere to " unified norms, inheritance and innovation, support " communication; the franchise concept, to franchise business advanced management mode, many franchisees to expand business development space. Food products continue to update, change, but the only constant is that domestic consumers still love home cooking, food and beverage in the northeast to create the most consistent with the tastes of consumers,

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