Fujian free trade zone development opens the opening model

in our daily life, a person can not do without a good platform, the only way to develop their own strength. I have come across a lot of people want to develop the mainland of Taiwan youth, their distress is limited channels, and now the mainland has a free trade zone, it can be said that the young people in Taiwan and opened a window." From Taiwan, 80 Meng Xianting said. April 21, 2015, Fujian free trade zone was established to allow Taiwan funded sole employment agencies and personnel agencies in Pingtan area landing. Meng Xianting aimed at this opportunity, the establishment of the two sides of Fujian Jinqiao Human Resources Co., ltd..

at present, "two golden bridge" has organized 6 batches of a total of 350 young people in Taiwan to visit Pingtan, has helped more than 2000 Taiwan, Fujian to complete the occupation skill appraisal. From the basic task of opening up trade zone gives Pingtan, Taiwan "from" advantage, determine the functional location of Pingtan area of Taiwan to deepen open. The first to hire 6 Taiwan professionals to work in administrative institutions, to further sort out the post to recruit professionals in Taiwan, the registration of the project settled in the two sides of the more than and 500 youth entrepreneurship Park…… Pingtan area is a warm gesture to the people of all circles in Taiwan open arms.

flexible introduction of talent at the same time, Pingtan continue to increase efforts to open up the industry. Construction, planning, tourism, medical and other industries took the lead in Taiwan, 47 Taiwan funded construction enterprises in the record, the 4 Taiwan funded travel agencies, the Taiwan funded medical institutions and biotech companies have settled in 12.

As an important central city in the southeast coast of, the opening radius of Xiamen area is larger. In the more than 6 thousand square meters of central Europe (Xiamen) class collection center, the workers are working on the container car busy sorting, transporting goods.

"goods collection center is the development of the railway transit center on the basis of the present, can accommodate 15000 containers." Jiang Jingdong, director of Xiamen Rong Europe (Xiamen) Co., ltd..

central Europe (Xiamen) is the first class from the FTA test area out of the central European trains, a total length of 12733 km, the run for 15 days. In the sea to expand to Taiwan, extending to the east gate of Poland Europe Rhodes on land, and then the opening of the German Nuremberg and Holland Tilburg two new line end point.

today, more and more products to choose the logistics corridor: a large number of electronics, machinery, shoes and other products take trains to Europe, European food, daily necessities, such as Wine to enter the market in Xiamen. Class from the beginning of the opening line every Monday, up to now two columns per week. At the end of October, central trains (Xiamen) import and export totaled 51 trains, the value of nearly 924 million yuan.

Fuzhou was the first Continental recommendation

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