To love the milk bar which has flow

love milk it? Healthy and delicious food, always very attractive to consumers. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs to the success of the venture, is to choose to join the love of milk it? So, entrepreneurs choose to join the love milk it has what process?

still has perfect business objectives: the development of green health beverage industry, with yogurt as the theme of the bar culture to the national market, to create fashion brand image, let more want to start, but less money friends achievement wealth of life. As well as business philosophy: serious can only do things right, intentions to do a good job. So some people are asking to join the headquarters in the form of what is it?

love milk bar joining process:

: site assessment of CCP directly determines the store of future business, professional business marketing staff will love analysis according to the factors of store environment, cost and consumption level of scientific analysis of location, location selection for business cooperation good advice.

on-site training: in order to make better business partners in China to launch fashion store, on-site training services, personnel operations department according to the plan will visit each store detailed technical guidance and operational training, equipment installation and debugging, let partners win at the starting line.

The opening of

support: love market department according to shop around for cooperation tailored business promotion plan, and sent a senior marketing personnel on-site teaching.


steering mechanism: the implementation of the national market operation Department Aishang supervisory mechanism and supervisory personnel to visit the market according to the customer demand and the company plans to partner with the appropriate operational guidance and training.

product upgrades: love development department according to changes in market demand, timely product upgrades, let the customer to love milk bar always linger.

advertising support: marketing department unified advertising and promotion planning, quickly open the local market.

Customer service:

service implementation of 36& 24 still sold back; support policy, is 360 degrees, 24 hours online care service, let partners solve problems at any time.

rich Unlimited Business Opportunities, joined Aishang milk bar project, worthy of our attention and choice. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!

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