Nine cattle car Xiangguo join details quiz

incense pot to join the brand I recommend nine cattle car Xiangguo for you, then the nine cattle car Xiangguo how? Nine cattle car Xiangguo specific details please see here to join.

nine car restaurant management company, founded in 2000 in Dalian, founded in R & D, promotion, management and related projects as one of the national, professional food and beverage agency. In order to better serve the majority of enthusiasts to provide healthy delicacy delicacy, the company has developed the reinforced ribs, rib head and brain pan head and brain of sheep soup, seafood barbecue delicacy. The company’s main operating nine car Dichotomanthes buses head "," lily barbecue "brand.

nine cattle car Xiangguo join Q & A:

a, Q: how to choose nine cows to join the site


A: first of all, in order to protect the interests of franchisees in all existing stores, not 3 kilometers within the region and then set up second stores, so you need to consult in the location, you know where there are no other stores, and then consider other problems in the league. Secondly, we should try to choose in the vicinity of the city business district, densely populated, convenient transportation areas, store choice to be spacious, bright, ventilated, there are enough parking spaces nearby.

two, Q: what are the company’s requirements for the area of the store?

answer: provincial capital city not less than 600-1000 square meters; regional level city is not less than 300-600 square meters; county-level city is not less than 300 square meters; county-level cities not less than 300 square meters; township level not less than 200 square meters.

three, Q: how much is the joining fee, including what?

: a capital city to join the cost of 200 thousand yuan / three years, management fees 15 thousand yuan / year; regional level city to join the cost 8-10 yuan / three years, management fees 6000 yuan / year; the city to join the cost 5-10 yuan / three years, management costs 5000-8000 yuan / year; township level joining fee of L-3 three yuan / year, management fee 3000 yuan / year. The joining fee includes 3 years of the use of the brand, including the cost of logistics management, technical support, management support, training support, etc..

four, Q: what is the competitive advantage of our peers?

answer: "nine car cow" has many years of successful agents to join the experience, so the agency has a stronger competitive advantage than other hot pot shop.

five, Q: when the same area there are several franchisees want to join?

answer: franchisee to follow the following

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