Be good at doing business retain popularity shop

a shop if a person does not patronize, how to do business? How to ensure the accumulation of wealth? So, if a store wants to earn more money, naturally also need to be good at retaining a higher popularity. However, the store how to retain popularity, which is still a big problem for many operators.

after the Spring Festival, the store’s business into the off-season, but it just let me have plenty of time to look at some of the books, such as business management, is my time to recharge their brains. On this day, in the securities times, I saw such a paragraph: Hongkong Disney park ticket revenue is not the main source of income. Sales of food and related Disney products is the source of revenue.

2008 economic crisis, in order to attract popularity, Hongkong Disney has been free to twenty thousand low-income families in Hongkong free tickets. In fact, visitors still have to drink, snacks and souvenirs on the consumption. The most easily overlooked consumption is the secret of Disney’s income.

this thing gave me a good inspiration: retail stores in the fierce competition in the retail terminal in an invincible position, it is necessary to work on the details of the service. Measures to local conditions to take some convenient measures, such as providing customers with pure water, pumps, umbrellas, free repair tires, etc. is to enhance the affinity of the business, the necessary means to win customer loyalty.

for the rural small shops, many customers are neighbors living nearby, they come to the store is not necessarily to the consumer, may be just stopping by children or ride. Therefore, we not only to attract customers, but also to find ways to retain customers.

the weather is getting hot, we can install air conditioning in the shops, or has a few fan, let the customer feel cool and comfortable after the door refused to leave, can also play a pergola in front of the store, put on the board for several poker, attract free adult children to play for a long time. Shop, cigarettes, drinks and seeds and other food sales will increase. These customers rest, entertainment convenience facilities investment is not large, but to a certain extent, enhance the visibility and popularity of the store.

once more customers, the popularity of the retained, invisible for the store’s business development will have considerable help. In short, the store retain popularity, win customers, also brought wealth. So, if you shop to do business, you need to put more effort to retain a higher popularity, to make a more exciting business oh.

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