Hefei college students entrepreneurship development campus exclusive application APP

in the whole stage of college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have become the main force, the whole business at the same time, it is also in succession around the introduction of some good to help college students entrepreneurship policy.

entrepreneurial stage, young faces emerge. A group from the Anhui University 90 little meat for college students to the development and application of APP exclusive, can check, check, check the library vacancy schedule performance, takeout, and confession, applied to Anhui University’s "pocket Andy" APP has become a popular king". The 90 from University of Science and Technology of China, not only can make robots, but also to teach the children to make their own robots, their teaching theory welcomed by parents.



a called "pocket Andy" mobile phone APP in Anhui University became popular, this is called the "campus student application artifact can check the library vacancies, search results, takeout, and even the sun that even the curriculum also is a bad lie in the" Curriculum "option.


"R & D popular king" is the school several 90 entrepreneurial team. 2011 set up an interest group, in 2013 to create a team, the size of the expansion from the first few people to 35 people, in addition to the 5 graduates, the others are 90 college students. They also by virtue of the APP on behalf of Anhui Province in 2014, the national youth entrepreneurship contest contest won the gold award.

in Ontario campus dozens of square "pocket Andy studio", the reporter saw 35 players working. Even if it has long been summer vacation, they remain on campus to promote APP busy: college students responsible for layout design, computer school students are mainly responsible for product development and upgrading……

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