Analysis on the key points of underwear store location

underwear stores are generally located in the area of life will choose near or rely on large business survival, these sites are common, is also a good choice. If you want to have a secure investment business, then pay more attention to the location of the site, do not miss.

A, preferred to warm the way, than a warm place downtown rent cheap and the amount of tourists do not see much.

One of the details of

three, the location can not only consider the position and not consider competition status. If you are surrounded by wild electricity, and you open underwear shop, which is not sure; if there are a number of underwear stores around, so that they can drive each other, very harmful.

five, if you do is high-end brand, is convenient to consider the crowd has been a district level to increase the pick-up rate; if you do is common narrow niche market, it can be considered in the secondary business district, in order to reduce the rent and other cost burden.

six, if you are in the shop on the street, the street in the middle of the store not to. Fruit will look forward to the goods will be more than three, and so she finished a lap, may be poor, hungry or long-term events, and then come back to the store you purchase the possibility of small.

seven, and is also very kind to berth. In the north, in the street on the sunny side of customer interest, less traffic on the side; the business company, the same rent, then both sides of Ma Road, the turnover is two times worse.

eight, senior underwear preferred shopping malls shop; leisure for affordable choice Bo sale shop.

ten, the location should be taken into account when the flow route will not be stopped competitors.

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