Michigan Chicago bottom pizza franchise support

now consumers are not so good to send, for those who want to gain the benefits of opportunism in the pockets of consumers to operate is not long. Take the food and beverage industry, consumers, consumer demand has risen from the demand of the basic food and clothing to the quality requirements, not good-looking delicious delicacy, but also with their own healthy consumption concept, consumers will pay. Chi Chi pizza to meet the needs of the people, delicious and good-looking, let people look at the appetite, infinite charm. So how much money to join Chi Chi? Then together with Xiaobian to see the latest cost analysis in 2017!

how much money to join Chi Chi? Just 10000 yuan can easily join the shop. Chi Chi bottom pizza delicious and unique, it is based on the classic taste of innovation in the past, will be a reasonable allocation of many ingredients, with a proprietary process for people to bring a copy of the enjoyment of food. Its products taste delicious, each pizza are integrated into the chef’s mind and sincerity, eat more natural flavor. How much money to join Chi Chi? According to the different cities to join the cost is not the same!

investment Chi Chi pizza base, businesses can rely on a variety of food, do a shop to reach more than a store of good business, to meet their own wealth in the future. Of course, you want to win the recognition of consumers with these dishes, businesses can not be separated from the headquarters of professional and technical training. After all, only to ensure the unity of the taste of the product, in order to obtain consumer recognition, in order to further do a successful business.

Chi Chi pizza support:

1, store construction: to assist site selection, the implementation of the decoration, the introduction of enterprise VI, to do a good job in the first clearance;

2, quickly established stores including: store location, store design, construction scheme, equipment installation, the image of clothing, supplies and other things, headquarters to provide one-stop Goods are available in all varieties., support, in order to achieve the fastest speed in operation;

3, experiential training: fine "product technical manual", the teacher teach, 3 days to become variety M. Late employees can always free technical training;

4, store decoration: Senior store designers according to the scene, to provide decoration design, plan, home can be construction operations;

5, technical support: Michigan Chicago pizza website headquarters for different areas of the bottom, the market, continuous product technology and new product development, free to teach, help partners to get more value-added services, to win the regional market competition ability, the business continued hot;

7, after sales service: throughout the country after sales service system, ad hoc national after-sales service phone, customer service once a week, the customer back

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