After 80 college students to get rich

college chicken, in many seems to be an incredible thing, however, the study of medical college students, to give up the work of a regular unit to start a chicken project, and this raise, but raised a few million.

"acres of barren trees are more big change, chicken. Yunyang’s largest ‘layer King’, 80 guys off." If the egg is that chicken, then eat egg in fengmingzhen certainly thought is Zhicheng company, who is from the city to the countryside of entrepreneurship "80" students Zheng Zhiwei.

I was able to start when the boss Zheng Zhiwei, already tired of the dull life of nine to five. On New Year’s Eve in 2007, when Wei Wei gave up his job to return to the countryside to start thinking about their parents, the family unanimously opposed. Shortly after the Spring Festival, Zhi Wei left his parents back home in Yunyang.

accumulated a lot of experience in Zheng Zhiwei not only see the broad prospects of aquaculture, more see the opportunities of laying hens. With the village cadres together, resolutely decided to rent a flat village fengmingzhen group slopes, ready to break the shortage of chicken.


a sweat a tear

"only have the result today is full of sweat yourself a sweat!" Just over thirty years of age Zheng Zhiwei, recalling his own entrepreneurial experience, half smiled.

"looked at the 100 acres of land in their hands, slowly into the ` money ‘this is a nice feeling!" Zheng Zhiwei said.

he said the chicken depends on the technology, thought to be a doctor, what disease can be treated, but once again be in the chicken shed. In early 2009, he went to Liang Ping, Wanzhou, Chongqing and other places to learn advanced experience, buy a variety of books dedicated to laying hens technology.

Yicheng converted into Yunyang’s largest "chicken king"

Roman laying hens with the introduction of new varieties of

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