College students need to be wary of venture capital trap

is a year when college graduates start looking for a job and starting a business. In the entrepreneurial process, there are all kinds of traps, let students entrepreneurs impossible to guard against. In the face of the current situation of weak rights, students need to be wary of these scams.

"72% of the respondents think that college students entrepreneurship and the cost of rights is too high, complicated procedures; 68% of respondents want to quickly obtain judicial protection in the face of risks; most business students lack of collateral, the interest free or low interest loans is very limited……" In the Communist Youth League Committee of Guangxi held a day before the young entrepreneurs and autonomous region people’s Congress and CPPCC members face-to-face activities, the organizers released a research report on entrepreneurial risk and protect the interests of.

2015 from August to November, the Communist Youth League Committee of Guangxi group deeply region of 12 municipalities, launched a special investigation on Guangxi college students venture and safeguarding the rights and interests of the situation, through a structured questionnaire, interviews and other forms, the main risks facing the entrepreneurship of college students and to safeguard the rights and interests of problems in-depth investigation.

"for the loan is really broken, tears ran to despair." In 2013, the first problem of Yang Shuo, a junior college student, who graduated from the Guangxi Arts Institute, is the difficulty of loan. Yang Shuo said, because the company is lack of funds, he ran a dozen banks in Nanning, get the reply are you have a mortgage? You can’t borrow without it". Finally, several young people can only rely on credit card overdraft to maintain the company’s expenses.

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