China will increase investment in social resources for entrepreneurship training

with the development of economy, our country began to pay attention to the coordination of all social resources to help the development of entrepreneurship. Ministry of human resources and social development, to increase the social resources of entrepreneurship training inputs to ensure entrepreneurship training can be effectively spread quickly.

from the Department was informed that the "guidance" on further promoting entrepreneurship training work has recently published the "opinions" clearly put forward to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society, and puts forward some incentive policies and measures, to promote social entrepreneurship training resources.

Our occupation ability construction

"opinion" is put forward, the new mechanism of entrepreneurship training work to establish a government incentive and guide social extensive participation and independent choice of workers, included in the scope of subsidies entrepreneurship training program in accordance with the provisions of the purchase of services execution, encourage and guide the various types of high-quality education and training resources into entrepreneurship training. In the development of training courses, to encourage qualified areas to take the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model.

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