2015 the latest version of the small business venture

is a series of small cost of the whole society among the entrepreneurial projects have been more and more popular, and more and more people entrepreneurs started investing in some small cost venture projects, so in the whole society, what are the appropriate cost of small business projects?

2015 small business venture project  : hand soap

to new ideas is: entrepreneurship is by chance. Chen said the owner, more than a year ago, a friend in Guangxi to play this kind of soap, back to talk to her to listen to, before doing a mobile phone business Miss Chen think young entrepreneurs, to be a new idea. At present, there are all kinds of shops in Guangzhou, but there is no such shop, so it will attract the attention of young people.

for the customer select shop address: Miss Chen began to set up shop in Zhuangyuanfang, because there is enough popularity Wang, but considering the relatively small, is not conducive to pedestrians stopped making soap. 50 thousand dollars can do, so Miss Chen chose the king square, because there are many people, there are several schools nearby, students come out shopping is also more convenient, shopping malls have air-conditioning facilities, the environment is more comfortable.

2015 small business venture  :: Jigsaw shop

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