Ghost Castle to send his girlfriend after 90 guy to play romantic courtship success

after 90 Chongqing guy made a Ghost Castle to send his girlfriend, spent 150 thousand with the transformation of abandoned warehouses, the final romantic proposal to get a girlfriend. Their stories in the online heat transfer after the blessings of many users.

"in the beginning she and I have some misunderstanding, think this girl talk how genteel. The second day, see group’s time to eat. I was just fine. I arrived two hours earlier." Li Shun said: "the day she just ahead, she and I had a contact, chat very congenially. In life, she is a heroic not mannered girl, this is what I want, then began to pursue her."

understanding in January 21st last year, but a few days, two people boarded the Jiangjin love ladder, officially announced to their relationship.

"before she do building materials, now writing novels, painting. I operate furniture stores, have their own work, but also have a source of income. Outside of work, Wen recommend

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