Changchun successfully held the fifth employment fair

Changchun has successfully held the four annual employment Expo to help many job seekers to find their favorite jobs. At the same time there are many entrepreneurial join projects, there are entrepreneurial ideas, but there is no entrepreneurial ideas to provide an opportunity for another investment.

10 15 days to 16 days,   by China employment promotion,   Jilin province people club hall,   Changchun jointly sponsored by the city people club Bureau and other departments of the fifth session of China · Changchun employment fair in Changchun opening.

the Expo collected a total of 2282 entrepreneurial projects,   organize recruitment unit 840,   for job seekers to provide 30 thousand jobs.   Expo set up   "Internet entrepreneurship employment experience" "public entrepreneurship,   people’s innovative services"   "join the chain venture project docking"   a series of functional exhibition hall.     synchronization during the Expo, held Changchun Municipal Science and technology achievement promotion,   Alibaba; local service center floor Jilin launching ceremony cum hundred thousand school signing ceremony, the 2014 annual       "Changchun Friendship Award" awards ceremony and other series of theme activities.

the current record fair to determine the frugal exhibition, the general principles of green exhibition,  , solid content, simplified ceremony;     pay attention to the effect, not only guarantee the basic function of docking and exchange of atmosphere,   and realize the goal of thrift.

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