Choose drinks store has what skills the whole

tea, drinks as seasons drinks, its market demand has been great, now want to drink the franchise you understand the opportunities in that direction? How the production of beverage equipment? How to debug? Open an own beverage stores what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

investigate the history of beverage brands, the rise and development of the beverage to join the brand must have its history, choose what kind of beverage store skills? Understanding the course of its development will help you understand the brand’s business sense, vision and determination. And now the domestic brands, a lot of foreign brands, you have to clear the line!

to investigate the production capacity of the headquarters, investors are directly targeted at the brand has sufficient capacity, stable production, product positioning is scientific? Whether the product itself has the characteristics of the product structure is reasonable or not?? whether the product line and other key? These questions must be investigated, to know the choice of drinks to join the brand of the product price is very poor, there’s no guarantee of quality, natural sales is not ideal, the more difficult to expand the business of


to investigate the profit space, the choice of drinks what are the skills? To open a beverage store must be profitable, to achieve this, you have to examine the production costs and operating costs of these two aspects of the situation. Lower production costs and operating expenses, the greater the profit space. This requires a thorough investigation of the field!

noted that the tea industry opportunities for themselves, would choose to start the project, want to avoid the tea industry in the new investment trap not only grasp the aspects of small series have a lot of knowledge to tell you, now the real message advice, let you choose the project open drink stores


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