Health care stores shop before what needs to be done to prepare the whole

health care franchise store development prospects is very large, and the business is also very popular in nature to attract more entrepreneurs, although health care stores can create wealth for everyone, but this process still need to constantly innovate and find new skills, so that everyone in the open health care stores have the extra pay attention to these problems, combined with practical way to get health care franchise is successful, then

will start from here!

1. early market research, the time of 3-5 days, the method is to ask for health care: A: the production of a complete business district, health care stores to do what to do? Mark the location of their health care, the distribution of the main competition, integrated residential, large and medium commercial areas (street), the main roads and landmark buildings and river distribution. B: understand the competitive store situation, formulate the corresponding strategy and give their store location. Including the size of the opponent, technology, fees, brand name, price, the overall service location, wide publicity activities, the number of customers and price level, store decoration, etc..

2. technical training guide, content: A: promotion marketing model. B: etiquette, etiquette, service requirements and product expertise, skills training. Health care stores to do what to do? C: the establishment of the power card sales skills, customer telephone counseling, home visits and skin detection to strengthen the establishment and improvement of the institutionalization of the simulation training shop.

3. campaign A: newspaper advertising — the choice of local daily, a large amount of information, reading their newspapers. The reason of publicity — such as opening ceremony (or join). Content: see marketing plan. Special note – such as the opening of the big draw, 100% winning, prizes, etc.. Health care stores to do what to do? Time 3-5 days – attached to the opening of health care address, telephone. A business training DM leaflet issued according to the skills of B:DM leaflets; district figure 2KM within the flow of people in many supermarkets, department store building, residential distribution; the number is generally about 2000 copies; C: the requirements of health care to do the following work: the boss arrange personnel with the image of unity, the shop; in store product display bright, hanging flags, posters, paintings and other layout; the mobilization of its social relations in the local area, such as medical systems have launched the unit staff marketing costs ability; the shop equipment, data preparation, especially the equity card is scheduled to watch making the industry; promotion;

health food store to do what to do? In this new era have the rich experience to know the skill is the key, when you master the knowledge, believe that hot health stores will immediately think you came Oh, as everyone knows practice based on theory, so that the health care franchise must start from the theory of success!


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