Enterprises need to pay attention to the event during the exhibition

now there are a lot of social enterprises in order to obtain the opportunity and investment, will choose to actively go for some local or other areas of investment and enterprises participating in the exhibition activities, the process also need to pay attention to many problems.

1. in strict accordance with the prescribed time and Exhibition exhibitors show, do not be late, do not leave early. To be equipped with wear badges entering the museum, as a professional trade show, no badges are not allowed to enter, so please keep, not lost in case of loss, please contact the organizer.

2. exhibition, first check the board on the company name spelling has no error, then pay attention to the basic configuration check booth is complete and intact, such as early hire additional items, should also pay attention to whether or not equipped with extra items. The Board shall not be used to remove the tape, adhesive tape, or leave the imprint of glue, but not the use of nails, such as the destruction of the panels, no side will be economic penalties. For the display of the boxes and other containers should not be placed in the booth, not to throw away, should be invited to designate the location of the organizers to dispose of the goods in order to return the exhibits.

3. because of the exhibition hall staff mobility, exhibitors should enhance the sense of security, bags and other valuables, not out of sight, but not to put money into the bag, the booth, for the important items, each exhibition after back to the hotel, do not stay in the exhibition hall.

4. in the first day, each participating enterprises will receive a free exhibition catalogue. This catalogue marked the basic information of the exhibitors, is a good guide for exhibitors, exhibition peers to understand the situation, can be obtained from the audience at the scene of the registration.

5. exhibitors:

6. good at gathering information

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