Love Shanghai new home for developers and partners open

it is understood that the Shanghai version of the home page to love the small flow test from July. The data show that in the test users, visit the new home of the Shanghai love is better than the traditional home, and different people can build their own intelligence center on the home page, users can connect students and community renren贵族宝贝 social networking platform with the account; elderly users can according to the preferences of integrated health class gaming site, etc.. (end)

love Shanghai home new navigation notice, real hot, new applications, four modules, will bring about changes in three aspects:

first, integrated service, multi information and Internet applications will be integrated to meet the needs of users.

reports, love Shanghai new home will be open to all owners, developers and service providers, each developer can put forward "love Shanghai home" concept of cooperation, let their partners to share love Shanghai traffic resources.

third, a new home can modeling user behavior and interests based on the user doing what, know what you want, and intelligent matching and recommendation algorithm based on computer. read more

Love Shanghai regulation of false official website website Yuan Fang how do you see


said above is merely a case of love Shanghai official certification, but for the enterprise website a "website" website, the B2B enterprise shops with the "official" information, classified information network information released in the official website information.

Shanghai announced the beginning of free website authentication, can see the only official website certified through this channel has 177598 sites, which many of them have many different web site is an enterprise, according to the Shanghai love saying, this is a false official website. But the authentication website is user authentication reasonable through these channels, and did not do what thing is this love resort to deceit, the official website of the Shanghai through the audit. Multiple sites of an enterprise certification website appears this is love Shanghai program bugs or staff audit failures and mistakes because of their love for Shanghai this time even for many with multiple "website information website deweight, give you some benefits and then give you a slap yourself? Why call users face vulnerabilities read more

Not only is to link on the role of soft marketing

is the love Shanghai drop-down box, first love Shanghai long term ranking, plus different Adsense recommend different soft. Our site is the basic form of a small brand. If >

2, get rid of the shackles of the

3, love Shanghai weight lifting

webmaster platform, web surfers is the webmaster. If we want to sell their products or services to the owners. It can be said to write text to webmaster platform is the most targeted marketing. In general, the soft are from the third perspective to describe a product or service. This will greatly enhance the credibility of products or services. Of course, not let us write text to flicker webmaster, product quality is always the first pass to marketing.

if you want to do a test, that is to our site for a long term, the one and only. Then in a few soft paper to write, every time the word. Wrote 5 articles about the word, as long as you corresponding products are needed. We can not only find the long word in Shanghai love the drop-down box, and search the long word, our site is always the first one. read more

Keywords ranking continues to fluctuate the webmaster should calm analysis of the reasons


let the webmaster not calm things, in fact is not included in the site snapshot or abnormal fluctuation, but the site keywords ranking the emergence of large fluctuations. Small website (before adding your site name) was also instability phenomenon, Xiao Bian also very confused, but as long as we understand the reason, understand why keywords unstable, it can adjust an antidote against the disease.

ZhengZhan rankings of common phenomenon in new sites, through the assessment period after the new general overall rankings, no previous ranking keywords also appeared in. In addition to the accumulation of time caused by the weight of ascension is also an important reason for the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) through long-term observation data that is not change as we think ZhengZhan ranking is slow to appear, on the contrary, it reached a certain weight accumulation, the whole site suddenly rising "the phenomenon of crossing over. This in itself is not a very stable phenomenon, wave point weight and keywords are the most closely related. So, from this point of view, the entire station slipped means the site is down right, the need for timely check and take remedial measures, otherwise the situation will deteriorate further. read more

To explore the advantages and disadvantages of the new WEB standard HTML5 and the influence of optim

HTML5 also has some disadvantages, we can say: Html5 can make WEB more beautiful, but it is not now. Because HTML5 is out of the initial stage, and not well supported by the browser. The current mainstream browsers tend to support HTML5, but there are still not many incompatible support.

HTML and Google

Of course,

for some special sites, especially relies heavily on the FLASH site, HTML5 available >

HTML5 is the latest version of the WEB standard of admission and then there are many is improved. The HTML5 enables WEB to achieve some improvement in usability and friendly experience of the user; there are several new HTML5 tags, which enables developers to be more open and convenient construction site; can better support multimedia elements, which include video and audio; can be a good solution to the limitations of FLASH in the web page; crawling and indexing, HTML5 will have more advantages; can be a large influx of mobile applications and APP game development etc..

HTML5 standard for the optimization of the effect of read more

f you go to Shanghai dragon training you dare to do

Shanghai Longfeng lecturer itself also has certain limitation, because after a few training sessions, also heard the others see the training experience, always feel some lecturers or some studio business, that is the value of a single word ranking, many lecturers in Shanghai Longfeng introduces himself will say I had XX, XXX so many times to do the first. In fact, a blog article like Lu Songsong said, Shanghai dragon is in order to improve the competitiveness of the website, not a word to the first successful, Shanghai dragon is the purpose of Web site overall weight and overall flow increase, and the flow of the long tail word must be more than the main keywords, and the limitations of the training institutions will obviously be "poisoned" novice.

monopoly in Shanghai Longfeng emerge in an endless stream of training industry, will not let you.

is the first for the recruitment of trainees, more is due to the publicity, such as let’s go to XX forum posting at the same time, you will find a lot of Shanghai Longfeng training institutions to recruit students for advertising, maybe we will make our forum favorability believe this training institutions, which involved, but it is undeniable that these training institutions exist serious homogenization, no innovation too much for their own teaching content, I think they should understand is perhaps the advertising effect is good, but everyone’s reputation is more important. read more

Keywords selection tool love Shanghai search word report


at the same time, the operation down, each of the 100 words of this kind will have about 1/4 of the word is effective, is allowed to operate, of course, the proportion of each website operation down are not the same, but there will be enough to dig into the word.

and this tool has very good practicability and maneuverability:

search word report, is enough to satisfy our keyword mining work, you may wish to try the operation. The article by 贵族宝贝aidai贵族宝贝/ love net original press.

method needs a tool, is the title mentioned Shanghai love search word report. This report is a data love Shanghai promotion background provides statistical reports, as long as you do love Shanghai promotion can export such statements.

I of these into our website from other search engines search words do statistics, found that every word is indeed can search to find our website in the corresponding search engine, so the data is very accurate.

(note the keywords is excavated by this method must be our target keywords, and is likely to bring traffic to read more

With what PPS launched GG advertising there can be induced click iconThe two chart tells you how mu

opens the PPS’s official, just as I thought. That’s just to induce friends point of connection, changed the name, temptation net friend just. As I prepared to leave, but note that PPS also put a GG text link, but the strange thing is, we have noticed it, I do see signs of place, and how we put them in a small icon.

1, some companies choose to start small, how the results are not very important.

looks like all successful startups will get financing early. But in fact, is that so? If so, how much financing do you need for start-up companies? How much do you need to start funding?

but startups spend a lot of money. Marketing requires a lot of financial support. You also need to rent an upscale office, buy well-designed furniture, and buy an upscale office chair that will cost you part of the money. All these moves can help you boost your morale, but it’s only a step towards real value creation.

online today in watching TVB’s hit series "Zhuguangbaoqi". One and a half will not come out. In a TV drama fans and we chat. Suddenly, a group of friends said PPS is putting the Pearl of the 62 episode, I feel very puzzled, should not ah, jade has not yet put. How can they have video feeds? Curiosity drives me to see what happens. read more

How to do B2B industry Web page content designed to retain users

in bold text

in this research report above me, always remember the user is scanning instead of reading without reading the content clear before, in the navigation page, the user is willing to scan a sentence, in the area of no key content, no patience, we must provide both the short and have a certain vision the focus of the content on the web. This focus can attract the user’s attention, let them in time to see the love of the content, take further action, click the link to browse detailed information, or more, allowing users to stay, if we do not distinguish the key, it is difficult to let users quickly find the content he wants to find the focus, especially for new the user, the first impression is very important.

Standard large size>


1 title and focus on content design

understand the user browsing the needs and behavior, to meet user needs and habits in the page design, the method can highlight the focus of the content? Commonly used: text bold, text with pictures, text color, text reading, and become large, focused around a little more blank part increase the small icon or button, can highlight the focus of the content. Here is a brief explanation. read more

Love Shanghai mobile search marketing solutions mobile business opportunities hidden

mobile Internet users:

from the figure we can know that the number of Internet users, mobile Internet users accounted for 74.5% of the number of Chinese, reached a staggering 420 million. This is a terrible data, and this data is still expanding! Behind the huge amount of users, it is difficult to imagine the hidden opportunities. As the Internet Nongchao, do is to grasp this opportunity.


data show that even if the communications application proportion is the highest, it is not surprising, for example, every mobile phone for QQ, WeChat, Mo Mo belong to the instant messaging application, accounting for the number is normal. So the recent micro business is fire and this is why, after all, the user base, and some places have sale. Among them, the search engine accounted for more than second high, which means that, in the field of mobile Internet users, still cannot do without the search engine, or rely on search engines to find the information you need. Therefore, the search engine promotion, also will be the direction of network marketing. read more