Can not over optimized to obtain stable ranking thousands of old station optimization

Optimization of

a website add large anchor text in the article. May be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know that the anchor text does have some help for the optimization, but the anchor text will only cause excessive optimization.

that is excessive

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case two: garbage chain

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old station ranking is not stable, difficult, the problem for the old owners who have found that as long as you It is quite common for, but the reason will be smoothly done or easily solved articles from advertising alliance! 贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you

: a case of the anchor text too much

a webmaster will note that love Shanghai has repeatedly shown that the mass of the chain site must be punished, the mass of the chain, it must be a waste of the chain is included, and once a lot of garbage outside the chain or the mass of the chain, then it belongs to excessive optimization. read more

How to teach novice website optimization steps

second: internal optimization

three label optimization is to modify the Title and Keywords, the content of the Description, but it is important to note that the modified three attributes will cause the search engine to grab the latest data, will now be "view", and effectively avoid the "slowly" changes, such as every a week to modify the label content, because the search engine is updated once every week, and every week only change a label content in order to minimize big change.


: the first three label optimization

if only do home page optimization, do the above aspects, ranking will be slightly ahead, but if you want to achieve the whole optimization of words, but also need to optimize the list page, the article page, these pages are optimized with the home page optimization, so as long as the almost home page can be optimized according to.

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER took over when the new site, would not change a light, search engines will be right down, and will produce the station closed to the consequences, so just took over the site to do optimization, must have the plan and purpose to modify, to give yourself the best column program table. read more