Eureka girls bow out of NorCals

first_imgThe Eureka girls season ended Tuesday with a 44-34 loss to visiting Valley Christian in the NorCal semifinals. “It’s a tough pill for this team, and especially our seniors, to swallow,” Eureka head coach Clifford Napoleon said. “But that scoreboard does not take away from what kind of season we had.”The No. 2 seed Loggers (26-7) took a 21-18 lead over No. 3 seed Valley Christian (16-14) into halftime after what was an intensely physical first half. However, Valley Christian came out of the …last_img

What You Need to Know about 3D Technology & Vision Problems

first_img12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… Tags: #Analysis#Multimedia#news#NYT#Real World#Trends#Video Services#web 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Apparently, viewing 3D images, even the glasses-free kind, can negatively impact the vision development in small children. According to a report from The Wall St. Journal, both Nintendo and Toshiba have recently issued warnings about the vision damage that could occur when children under six view 3D video images. To quote, Toshiba’s warning says that “due to the possibility of impact on vision development, viewers of 3D video images should be aged 6 or older.”?Outside the U.S., a Japanese 3D consortium with members like Samsung and LG for example, has issued similar warnings, the WSJ reported.That sounds serious, right?Engadget recently downplayed the dangers though, specifically referencing Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime’s statement from six months prior that his company’s warning is only in place because children, especially young children, have eyes that are not fully-formed. In other words, it’s no big deal.But the warnings, you should know, aren’t just your run-of-the-mill precautions (do not eat silica gel packets, do not leave child alone with plastic bag) – they’re based on the recommendations of an electronics industry group’s recommendations, Toshiba says. The company’s TV marketing chief, Yuji Motomura declined to tell the WSJ which one, however.We think we may have an idea. The unnamed group could be the well-known [email protected] Consortium, especially considering it recently held a meeting on an oddly related topic: using 3D to diagnose vision problems in young children.Wait: 3D Identifies Vision Problems in Children? Doesn’t Cause It? 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App sarah perez This early research has clearly resulted in the “recommendations” to warn against 3D viewing by small children by the hardware manufacturers like Toshiba, we would guess, as it’s believed that these types of problems fade as children age. (Dr. Powers notes that it’s expected that children will “differ from adults” in terms of discomfort and related issues).At the end of the day, what this really means is that tech enthusiast or not, it may be unwise to plop your smallest children in front of 3D movies like Avatar or Toy Story, for example, and it may be unwise for you to do the same. There’s actually very little research in the effects of long-term 3D viewing on children and adults.Until now, 3D video viewing has been a somewhat isolated experience – a movie here and there, where you wear silly shades for a couple of hours. But with the advancements in the technology, there’s an industry-wide push to 3D-enable all your screens, before the research on what happens by doing so is even complete.And for that reason, manufacturers are prescribing caution, at least for children. What 3D-related warning labels will crop up in the future for the rest of us is still unknown.Image credits: plant – Callipygian, phone – PocketLint, TV – Toshiba Related Posts According to [email protected]’s website, the group met on Dec. 7 in San Diego to discuss several topics relating to vision standards, including the “promotion of the benefits of utilizing stereo viewing for diagnosing and improving vision in children and adults.” In fact, reads the article, “early research by experts has shown that binocular vision issues, which inhibit successful perception of 3D images, are often linked with reading and comprehension issues in children.”Or, more simply put, vision issues mean other developmental problems may be present. And 3D technology could help identify these problems.Well now, that sounds great, right?On the conference’s home page, a session regarding “special issues related to 3D and children” was held mid-day on the 7th. Included in this session was a presentation by Dr. Maureen Powers of the Gemstone Foundation, a research institute in California. You can read through it for yourself here. In it, she described several issues related to viewing 3D images. To save you time, the conclusion is that a large number of school-aged children have binocular vision problems and a relatively large number have binocular dysfunction.What This MeansWhat this means, says Dr. Powers, is that while most children will be fine viewing 3D, but some children will not be comfortable – in fact, the group experiencing discomfort may be as high as 25%. Some of the children will complain, some will not and some will be so uncomfortable that they will not watch 3D video images at all or play games. The best guess at this time is that latter group will be about 5% to 10% of school-age children. 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2011) kicks into high gear this week in Las Vegas, we’re again seeing a number of 3D-enabled products from TVs to tablets to mobile devices. It’s the second (or is it third?) coming of 3D, it seems, and this time around it’s often glasses-free.Much of the development around the technology is concerned with bringing 3D to your living room, such as is the case with the 3D-enabled TVs from LG and Toshiba, for example, Samsung’s 3D LED monitors, or the addition of 3D movies to the streaming service VUDU, which can pipe Hollywood entertainment directly into your living room. But 3D is showing up on other screens, too – mobile phonesand tablets, gaming devices and mobile 3D DTV devices – although still in early forms.But before you go all in, early-adopting this new craze, there’s a little tidbit of not-inconsequential data you need to know first.3D Impacts Vision Development, Says Toshibalast_img read more

What Women (and Men) Need to Know About Money

first_imgBy Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, [email protected] May 28, 2019, the Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance team is presenting a webinar called Gender and Finances. The webinar will describe research about how women handle money and fare economically versus men with respect to saving, investing, the use of credit, and retirement planning.Why a webinar about women and personal finance? Very simply, women have unique financial challenges:Women live longer than men on averageWomen earn less than men on averageMore women than men have employment gaps that impact future retirement benefits (e.g., Social Security)More women than men are impacted negatively by life events such as widowhood and divorceSome women lack financial knowledge and/or experience or depend on others to provide financial supportAn estimated 85% to 90% of American women will be on their own financially at some point in their lives. Some will never marry. Some will see their marriages end in divorce, and some will outlive their husbands. Perhaps nobody better stated the need for women to become financially independent and financially capable than American suffragist and women’s rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1892:No matter how much women prefer to lean, to be protected and supported, nor how much men desire to have them do so, they must make the voyage of life alone, and for safety in an emergency they must know something of the laws of navigation.There are many things that people can learn about personal finance. A good habit to develop is to learn one new thing a day from print, electronic, or social media, family and friends, or other sources. Listed below are 8 key action steps that women (and men) need to take:Set Financial Goals- Include a specific date (e.g., 2023), a specific cost (e.g., $8,000), and an action plan (e.g., I will save $X monthly). Measure your progress periodically.Pay Yourself First- Set up automatic savings plans so part of your income gets saved before you can spend it. Examples include employer retirement plan payroll deductions and checking to savings account transfers.Develop and Maintain Human Capital– Learn new career skills and information on a regular basis and never consider your education finished. In addition, practice good health habits to remain productive.Maintain a Good Credit Rating- Pay credit bills on time, avoid charging more than 50% of your available credit limit, and check your credit report regularly for errors and evidence of identity theft.Manage Credit Wisely– Seek a low interest rate (APR) credit card, seek credit counseling if needed, and (ideally) make credit card bill payments in full or at least pay twice the minimum payment.Practice Tax Avoidance- Take advantage of legal tax-reduction strategies including tax-deferred retirement savings plans, tax deductions and credits, and long-term capital gains tax rates.Calculate Your Net Worth– Total the value of everything you own (assets) and everything you owe (debts). Subtract debts from assets to determine your net worth and update this figure annually.Know Your (Cash) Flow– Track and total monthly income and monthly expenses. Compare the numbers and identify expenses that can be reduced to avoid negative cash flow and free up money to save.last_img read more

8 days agoREVEALED: Arsenal burned off AC Milan competition to sign Dani Ceballos

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say REVEALED: Arsenal burned off AC Milan competition to sign Dani Ceballosby Paul Vegas8 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal burned off competition from AC Milan to sign Dani Ceballos this past summer.The Gunners landed Ceballos in August on-loan from Real Madrid – without the option to says Milan were in talks with the midfielder before the Gunners stepped in.It’s claimed Ceballos welcomed Milan’s approach and was excited about the move.However, the Italian club could not match Arsenal’s offer, which offered a fee for a straight loan arrangement. last_img

Over 60% of almost $340 Million from Traffic Ticket Amnesty Collected on Final Day

first_imgMinister of National Security Hon. Peter Bunting says over sixty percent of the almost $340 million collected from the recent traffic ticket amnesty was earned on the last day. The amnesty which was in effect July 1 – Dec. 31, 2012 allowed motorists to incur no additional fees or penalties on unpaidtickets issued prior to September 21, 2010, once they were paid in full. More than 21-thousand persons showed up at tax offices island wide on December 31. Minister Bunting said the Ministry of National Security is aware that there are persons with unpaid tickets who did not take advantage of the amnesty. He noted that these persons will have to settle these tickets in the traffic court when sessions resume on Monday January 7. Persons for whom warrants have been issued will first need to report to the police before going to traffic court. Special arrangements have been made for persons who had started the payment process at the JCF Traffic Division but did not get the opportunity to complete the process by Monday December 31, 2012, as the system was overwhelmed. Those persons have already been issued stamped documents from the Traffic Division verifying that they had started the process of payment before the end of the amnesty. Such persons must go to a tax office with those documents before Friday January 4, 2012 to complete the payment and secure the benefits of the amnesty. Regarding individuals who claim that they have previously paid fines for tickets which are showing up as unpaid, the Ministry of National Security, Tax Administration Jamaica and the courts will update and reconcile their databases to determine the accuracy of such claims.  Where persons who have paid for tickets during the amnesty are able to provide proof of prior payment they will be eligible for a refund.  A full report on the Traffic Ticket Amnesty and related issues will be made to the Cabinet and the Ministry of National Security will inform the public whether any additional measures will be implemented to address the issue of unpaid traffic tickets. Minister Bunting thanked all the public officials including members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Traffic Division and Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), who he said worked assiduously to ensure motorists were accommodated especially in the last few days of the amnesty. “I especially want to thank the team from the TAJ who worked particularly hard and well into the night to keep their offices open so that everyone could be accommodated and processed. They did a phenomenal job” Minister Bunting said.last_img read more

Moreland Primary School gets New Building

first_img Through a $15 million grant from the Rockhouse Foundation in Negril, the old school structure was demolished and a new plant built during the summer holidays, complete with new furniture and modern bathroom facilities. Rev. Thwaites urged the parents to utilize the facility and always protect it so that it can serve the community for a long time to come. President of the Rockhouse Foundation, Peter B Rose, said that his foundation has established a long standing partnership with the Moreland Hill community and the primary school. Story Highlights The 73-year old Moreland Hill Primary School in Westmoreland now has a new building with modern amenities to enable a more conducive teaching/learning environment.Through a $15 million grant from the Rockhouse Foundation in Negril, the old school structure was demolished and a new plant built during the summer holidays, complete with new furniture and modern bathroom facilities.The new building was officially re-dedicated on Thursday (Nov. 7), during a ceremony, which was attended by a contingent from the Ministry of Education led by portfolio Minister, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites; representatives of the Rockhouse Foundation; members of the clergy; political representatives; and a host of community persons.Minister Thwaites, in his remarks, expressed appreciation on behalf of the Government to the donors and all who played a part in making the project a reality.He noted that schools, and by extension education, “represent hope for communities and for us as a nation, as it represents real power”.“A school is always going to be the hope of the community.  We could bring millions of tourists, we could grow acres of sugarcane, we could plant up the hills with all kinds of food, unless we have an educated population, we are not going anywhere as individuals or as a nation,” he stated.Rev. Thwaites urged the parents to utilize the facility and always protect it so that it can serve the community for a long time to come.He also encouraged them to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure that their children attend school every day, and also to monitor their day-to-day activities.Principal of the institution, Alecia Laing, expressed gratitude for the work done. She said the school was down to 35 students when she arrived in January of this year, and was on the verge of being closed by the Ministry.She noted that it has since “bounced back” and is now up to over 100 students and climbing.President of the Rockhouse Foundation, Peter B Rose, said that his foundation has established a long standing partnership with the Moreland Hill community and the primary school.He said the members of the foundation want to see children from the institution “grow up to achieve anything they set their minds to in life”.“That is their right, that is what they should do, that is what we have the obligation to make sure they can do,” he stated.Mayor of Savanna-la-mar, Councilor Bertel Moore, also encouraged parents to play their role and ensure that their children attend school every day.last_img read more

Diesel Fuel Spills at APM Terminal in Bayonne

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: USCG Marine diesel fuel spill was reported at the APM Terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey, on April 25, according to the US Coast Guard.APM Terminal notified the National Response Center that the fuel spilled into Newark Bay while a ship was refueling pier-side at the terminal.The source of the spill has been secured and Coast Guard pollution responders were sent to the scene.Commercial clean-up crews have deployed boom to contain as much of the fuel as possible, while simultaneously recovering product from the waterway.Coast Guard marine inspectors are also on scene to assess the condition of the vessels involved and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is providing trajectory models to assist in the product recovery.An investigation was launched to determine the size and cause of the spill.last_img

The Germans Are Young in Their Prime And Really Really Good

Update (July 13, 6:10 p.m.): Germany won the World Cup on Sunday, defeating Argentina 1-0 in extra time.In the fall of 2000, 11-year-old soccer wunderkind Thomas Muller left TSV Pahl, the local team near his hometown of Weilheim in Oberbayern,1For whom he once scored 120 of the team’s 165 goals in a season. and joined Bayern Munich’s youth academy. That same year, 22-year-old Miroslav Klose was co-leading the Bundesliga club FCK in goals, becoming a star in his own right. Fourteen years later, they’re both on the same Germany squad, with Muller chasing the World Cup goals record that Klose just tied. In Germany, one generation is being eclipsed by the next.On Thursday, the United States will have to tussle with both. The U.S. faces Muller, Klose and the rest of the German juggernaut in a match that FiveThirtyEight’s World Cup prediction model gives the Americans only a 15 percent chance of winning.2Luckily for the Americans, they don’t need to defeat Germany outright in order to advance to the knockout round. They can survive with a draw, or even a loss (pending the outcome of Thursday’s Portugal-Ghana match), which is a very good thing from an American perspective. Die Nationalmannschaft ranks as the third-best national squad3But the first-best nationalmannschaft. in the world according to ESPN’s Soccer Power Index (SPI), and it boasts the most potent offensive attack of any team. It is the United States’ most stout opponent yet.Germany has been nearly this good for four World Cups running. It finished in the top three in the 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cups, a feat that’s usually only accomplished when a country is experiencing a “golden generation” of talent. That’s when a rare confluence of gifted footballers simultaneously spring forth to lead their national team to glory. Germany had one of those over the past decade, with forwards such as Klose and Lukas Podolski, defenders Philipp Lahm, Arne Friedrich and Per Mertesacker, and midfielders Michael Ballack and Bastian Schweinsteiger.By the time such a group is in its third World Cup cycle, though, its heyday is almost always over. Indeed, Ballack and Friedrich are retired, and the rest are either on the wrong side of 30 — Klose, while still on the national team, is ancient at 36 — or rapidly approaching it. But this year’s German side isn’t being carried by the dimming stars of days past. Rather, it has produced an entirely new golden generation, right on the heels of the previous one, and led by the likes of Muller. This latest crop of players could go even further than their predecessors ever ventured; the FiveThirtyEight model thinks the Germans are the third-most likely team to win the Cup, giving them an 11 percent chance.The possibilities of this new era were apparent at the 2009 UEFA European Under-21 Championships, when Germany’s team navigated its way to the final and trounced England 4-0 to claim the tournament crown. Including Muller, eight of Germany’s 11 most-used players in this World Cup suited up for that 2009 U-21 side, either in friendlies or the Euro Championships. The talent of Mesut Ozil, Toni Kroos and Mats Hummels was already apparent on that team.4Mario Gotze barely missed that group; he was on Germany’s Under-17 team in 2009.A half-decade later, the whiz kids of the 2009 U-21 squad are fueling a top World Cup contender. The Germans aren’t the youngest team left in the tournament, according to my calculations (although they are somewhat close). Their roster, however, is structured in a way that maximizes production from players in the primes of their careers.For every team bound for the World Cup’s knockout stage (or more than 30 percent likely to advance, according to the FiveThirtyEight model), I computed the average age of the roster — and the standard deviation thereof — weighted by a combination of playing time and in-game performance.5Using each player’s percentage of team minutes played, adjusted up or down by how his WhoScored rating compared to the typical average of 6.75. The Germans are the fourth-youngest team likely to advance by this measure of weighted average age (behind Nigeria, Belgium and Switzerland), but more important, they have the third-smallest weighted standard deviation of ages (trailing only Chile and Argentina). More of Germany’s players, in other words, are in their prime.According to research from British journalist Simon Kuper,6Co-author of “Soccernomics,” which I wrote about here. soccer players enter their primes sometime between age 23 (for attacking players) and 25 (for defenders), and they stay in relative peak form until age 31. Not coincidentally, by my measure above, only two other national teams (Chile and Argentina) have received a larger share of their contributions in this World Cup from players ages 23 to 31, and nobody has gotten more from its players between the ages of 22 and 30.7I’m measuring the amount of contribution received from a given player by looking at how much of the team’s playing time he received, and also whether he produced more or less than an average player in that time, according to WhoScored’s player ratings (which use Opta data to gauge how well a player has performed). The WhoScored rating is an admittedly rough metric, but as far as all-in-one player indices go, it correlates fairly well with standings points at the team level. (This is not the ultimate test of a stat’s validity — to a certain extent, any metric with a strong enough “team adjustment” can appear to correlate well with team performance — but that’s another debate for another day.) Klose is the lone German outside of that age range to even take the field so far in the World Cup.Granted, Klose, Schweinsteiger and Podolski are still highly useful players; last Saturday, Klose scored as a substitute against Ghana to tie Ronaldo for the all-time lead in career World Cup goals, and Schweinsteiger is likely to start against the U.S. with Jerome Boateng sidelined due to injury. But for a team coming off three deep World Cup runs, the last two of which leaned heavily on the same venerated group, Germany’s veterans are not being asked to play a very substantial role this summer. And that wouldn’t be the case if Germany hadn’t built an impressive infrastructure for developing young soccer talent.As Nicholas Kulish wrote for the New York Times in 2012, Germany’s prolific soccer pipeline traces its roots back nearly a decade before its up-and-coming youth team met England for the Under-21 title in 2009. Following a nightmarish performance8Two losses, one draw and zero wins. at Euro 2000, Kulish noted, German officials (with plenty of backing from top club teams) massively re-invested in the country’s youth soccer system, including the launch of new academies, training centers and coaching programs at an expense of almost $1 billion. Years into the future, the result is a booming Bundesliga — and a flourishing national team.In many ways, Muller is the poster child for this reformation. When he enlisted with Bayern’s youth academy 14 years ago, it was almost precisely as German youth soccer was receiving its aforementioned stimulus package. Muller’s generation was the first to reap its benefits, and it’s probably not a coincidence that Germany’s current World Cup roster is so heavy with his contemporaries.Whatever the cause, in five years, Germany’s current crop of stars has matured from promising prospects on that U-21 squad to the most instrumental members of the senior national team. Several weeks ago, the Germans were something of a dark horse among the top contenders in this World Cup field. Before the tournament, none of ESPN’s 18 polled panelists picked Germany to win it all; nor did any of those queried by the BBC or Sports Illustrated (one lone writer from NBC’s ProSoccerTalk went with Germany). Now it’s clear that there’s another golden German generation on the pitch, and it’s almost completely in its prime. read more

Manchester United sanctions Anthony Martial

first_imgManchester United have fined Anthony Martial for two weeks wages after the player went AWOL during the club’s tour of the United States, according to This Is Futbol.Reports in the English press suggest that Frenchman has been fined £180,000 after he flew to Paris for the birth of his newborn baby boy.Martial was supposed to return to pre-season training with United after the child’s birth but the forward has missed eight days of training with the club as speculation over his future with Jose Mourinho’s team continues to be an issue.It is understood that the manager would rather sell him but the club hierarchy are keen to retain his services as they believe in his enormous potential.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…There is talk of the former Monaco player being offered to French side Paris Saint-Germain for £70million, according to a few media outlets in France.Martial has been linked with a move to fellow Premier League rivals, with reports also suggesting that German Bundesliga duo of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are interested in his services.last_img read more

President Trump announces less restrictive confinement for Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

first_img Updated: 6:35 PM KUSI Newsroom, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- President Trump today announced that Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who is being held at MCAS Miramar on war crimes charges, will soon be moved to “less restrictive confinement.”This comes amid growing pressure from Republican lawmakers, including local congressman Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, for better treatment for the 19-year Navy veteran. Gallagher’s war crimes trial begins May 28. Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter March 30, 2019center_img President Trump announces less restrictive confinement for Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher KUSI Newsroom Posted: March 30, 2019last_img read more