Freddie Kissoon at it again

first_imgDear Editor,I hate to challenge or respond to incorrect and baseless arguments and suppositions but Freddie Kissoon’s column in Sunday March 3rd Kaieteur News took the cake for stupidity. He is critical of entrepreneurship and progressive businesses. Freddie, this is the only way a country’s GDP expands, it is the only way wealth and employment are created for all. Your chastisement of Eddie Boyer stems from personal hatred and envy, not from the love of the poor and disenfranchised.Businesses throughout Guyana, whether it be National Hardware or whoever else, are the ones who have legally purchased land and used it for the good of the people of Guyana. For your information, if you do not already know, the land at Lilendaal was procured through legal and open tender. Why did you not say this in your column? People like Eddie Boyer are dedicated, hard workers with an insight to develop and grow Guyana, not sit behind a desk and criticize progress.In addition, your accusation that the rich do not pay taxes is fallacious. Maybe you are referring to the rich Chinese who are evading VAT, Import Duty and income taxes on all fronts. To the delight of all Guyanese you should go after them. Please get your facts correct before making false accusations. Until you become Commissioner of Inland Revenue, as you want to be, respect our existing tax department and consult with them.It is uncanny to note that you, who are living in a GuySuCo “scheme”, and has never worked with GuySuCo, nor a sugar worker who broke your body for Guyana, are critical of others.In every society there are economic classes and nowhere is wealth shared equally, so I am surprised that you, my learned friend has decided that suddenly we live in an equal society. I wonder Freddie, if you think or want others to think that you survive at a subsistence level. Far from it, you are part of the privileged class.You have indicated that your personal friendship with the minister responsible for housing led to an acquaintance of your being awarded a plot ofland. While this is a noble gesture, what about the thousands who wait in line but never hear from the housing minister because they don’t have a friend who could talk to him and get preferential treatment.You are critical of nepotism, but you practice it.While I am a member of no political party and free from biases, I can tell you that as I go across the length and breadth of Guyana I can see vast areas that the PPP government has transformed into residential areas. You have not alluded to these. Did it ever bother you that the APNU/AFC government practically halted this exercise?Finally, Freddie, every political party wants to run the affairs of the country because it feels that it has the wherewithal to do so. Each of the major parties had long stints at governing and it will be the will of the people both rich and poor who will determine this in the upcoming elections.Allow the populace to make that decision based on unbiased and correct information. Refrain from personal vendetta and hateful allegations.Sincerely,Concerned Guyaneselast_img read more