Fort St. John leads the province in Christmas snowfall

first_img“Many cities across the southern tier of Canada are actually at risk of seeing a green or brown Christmas, but there’s quite a bit of snow on the ground in your area and we don’t expect it do go anywhere between now and Christmas,” says Vettese.It shouldn’t come as a surprise for those living in northeast B.C. that Vettese predicts colder temperatures into the new year – considering Fort St John’s first snowfall this year was in September – but that’s not necessary true for the rest of the province.“…We’ve been getting some milder air from the Pacific making its way to British Columbia – as well in the eastern tier of the country – we’ve been getting milder air from the south,” Vettese goes on to explain. “Now that regime is going to change just after Christmas and into the new year where we’re going to get colder, Artic air sliding south.”- Advertisement -Vettese adds, “We’ve been missing kind of that colder air; which is why a lot of the country doesn’t have very much snow.”The Weather Network is predicting 1 – 3 cm of snow will fall on Fort St. John throughout the 24th of December, but when compared to some of the years past, this almost seems unworthy of any hype.“The most snow on the ground on Christmas that [the Weather Network has] in their database for this one weather station was 77 cm back in 1995 – 77 cm of snow on the ground,” Vettese says. “In 1957, we had almost 20 cm of snow fall on Christmas… In 2009, we had close to 50 cm of snow of the ground.”Advertisement On the other hand Vettese says, “In 2011 there was only a couple of cm so that was a pretty low snow year.”Before heading out-of-town to see family or friends, Vettese has some advice for local commuters.“Being aware of what weather you might encounter – it’s probably your best bet,” explains Vettese. “And it’s good not to just look at what its doing in your hometown, but where you’re going to and what might happen in between.”Vettese concludes, “You don’t want to be caught off guard. It might be nice weather where you are, and then where you’re travelling to – there’s snow.”Advertisementlast_img read more