What do you need to open an optical shop

now look at the street, the number of people wearing glasses than those who do not wear glasses much more than enough to let us see the infinite potential of the optical market. Because of this, there will be more and more people choose to open an optical shop. However, if you want to set up a successful business, you need to do more preparation. So, what do you need to open an optical shop?

1, certificate

open glasses shop need to prepare what? Certificate is a important link, including the business license; tax registration; Quality Supervision Bureau to handle the production license; such as selling contact lenses to the food and Drug Administration for medical device license; must hold intermediate or above intermediate optometrist and work with double certificate. Documents, as long as you can participate in the experience of the glasses shop training.

2, device

open glasses shop need to prepare what? Now it is generally automated, optometry is slightly better, a little more than 1, automatic cutting machine is more than 10 thousand points, the 8 thousand is enough, advice or use, such as drilling machine, polishing machine, test piece box these 2000 yuan on the line. read more

Small series for you to collect the latest online money making methods

The development of

network, in addition to the convenience of people’s lives, but also for people to bring a new way to make money. What is the latest way to make money online? There are a lot of part-time online methods, but can really make money is really hard to find. What are some of the latest ways to make money? Here are some of the latest online jobs that don’t worry about being part of the internet.

feasible reasons: more and more people are engaged in network work, sometimes it is difficult to find a job and is time-consuming. If someone else can help you find a job, it is not very good, especially if you just know that someone needs a website or logo design, and just when someone wants to find the design work.  : source of income: charge for transaction commissions, or monthly collection of demand information or contact information.

feasible reasons: views and suggestions for improving your website is very important. This approach allows you to avoid paying someone a huge consulting fee, you only need to pay a small fee for the team. Long term will increase your value.

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Novice entrepreneurs how to join the Deli

many people like to eat cooked food, open a Deli has become a lot of entrepreneurs have ideas. So the question is, how to join the novice entrepreneurs Deli? What is the process? About joining the deli process will be introduced in detail for you!

1. website message or telephone consultation: for example, you can see a brand of cooked food is particularly interested in, want to join, then you can be the food brand online message to the person in charge of, or directly through the call with the project contact.

2.  field visit: to the headquarters of the field observation, and with the headquarters staff to conduct business exchanges, on-site tasting.

3.  signed a contract: both sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, a formal contract.

4.  pay fees: investors to the headquarters to pay the exclusive agency fees, generally 10 thousand or a few thousand dollars, according to different brands cooked food, there are different requirements. read more

What are the successful home Tea Museum Raiders

what kind of business can be done in the end, the need to combine the needs of the market. In short, only the real demand, such business will be hot up. The tea house can give busy city people to provide a good place for tea, calm the mood, but also can let the tea reward people leisure arts. With the rise of tea culture, more and more tea houses around the country, sometimes in a street will appear several different tea museum. According to incomplete statistics, there are a total of 500 Tea Museum in Beijing (not including the establishment of the hotel and the hotel is not registered in the tea house alone).

1, tea is not open the door to make money

on the surface, the tea house should certainly make money, because now out tea consumption is often more expensive than a meal, but the tea house seems very low cost, neither hired chef, and not many buy raw materials, it seems only a dozen boxes of tea, dozens of tea set. A dozen people drinking the attendants to stress the point in some water purification equipment can. read more

How to profit fishing gear shop

no matter what kind of shop opened, for any one investor, how to profit is a matter of great concern. After all, only with more profit channels, can make this business become more prosperous. So, how to profit fishing gear shop?

With the growing popularity of the

fishing boom, many people have begun to notice the huge business opportunities – fishing gear shop profitable. Some investors can not help but eager, eager for a fight. So, fishing gear shop is a project with the characteristics, which is suitable for people to invest, and how to profit?

insiders do things inside the circle

almost all of the fishing gear shop owner before the shop is a fishing player. It is because of this experience, so these bosses are familiar with the various equipment and needs of fishing activities, and therefore more convenient to operate.

due to the considerable professional fishing, so for the opening of a fishing gear shop, professional requirements are the first. If the boss is not a professional player, then ask the boss to hire a professional fishing player to help operate. There is no expert in fishing activities, fishing gear shop can not do it. read more

What do you do to make money profitable rural business

in today’s entrepreneurial team, the proportion of farmers and friends is growing, that is, more and more farmers began to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. So, what business to make money in rural areas? And for your detailed analysis.

1. analysis: look at what you are good at business, love what you love, only you can do in this industry, will let you feel the work is not very hard, adventure.has, you do a good job of making money.

2. market analysis market analysis: the main purpose is to allow you to find a suitable for you around the market, also said to find a competitive and market prospects of the industry, this will allow you to relieve the pressure in the early stage of the business, will make you money fast.

3. analysis of interpersonal relationship: look around you can use on, you need to have the rich experience and the interpersonal relationship network, you must know the advantages and their competitors in which we, how to deal with, the only way you entrepreneurial success rate will be high. read more

How to join the jewelry industry to expand the market

because of the jewelry industry has many limitations, so had to regulate. If you have been engaged in the jewelry industry, want to expand the market. Xiao Bian accumulated from the actual experience, for you to analyze the jewelry industry as well as the expansion of the market strategy, I hope to help you.

, a unified understanding of

many enterprises started from the original retail or wholesale, franchise business to do from top to bottom are not very good understanding, involvement with practical work will be greatly reduced. Therefore, enterprises should vigorously carry out publicity and education, unified employee ideas, work closely together, firmly forward toward the goal of big join.

key points: to allow all employees to truly realize the importance of work.


many jewelry enterprises in planning to join business there is no clear strategic objectives and marketing plans, or replace the marketing plan with the strategic plan, free to join in business development, did not fully consider their SWOT and join in the market hot to go, the result is as can be imagined. read more